Real Estate Agent Lead Generation Advice For Novices

Real Estate Agent Lead Generation Advice For Novices

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Being a rookie realtor and entering the real estate market might be scary.
You are entering a new world. You might not yet have a support system in place where you can seek advice and assistance.
You're unsure about where to start.
This essay is committed to giving you the tools you need to succeed in 2023.


What Should A New Realtor Do In Real Estate In 2023?


Easy Business Planning

If you're anything like me, the first time you think about creating a business plan, you either do nothing or try to make it really complicated. Neither function.

Do nothing: Unfocused.

Complex plan: By February, we normally cease these, which makes us feel like failures.

Instead, by concentrating your business plan on the most crucial metric—the total number of users in your database—you may drastically simplify the process.
The improper agenda is pushed by focusing on GCI (gross commission income) or deal volume (closing more transactions).
By concentrating on the number of contacts in our database, we hope to widen our networks.
What is made when a house is sold? adding the individual to your database.
More people in your database means more properties sold.
The quantity of individuals you know (and who know you) closely relates to the quantity of work you produce.

The 15% rule states that you have 15 offers waiting for you for every 100 users in your database. These transactions may originate from previous customers, recommendations, or relationships (strong or weak ties).

You need 200 persons in your database if you want to sell 30 properties in 2023.

A person in your database is defined as follows in this context: Someone you would say "hi" to if you run into them in the street. Both of you need to get to know one another.
If your database is big but it's not producing at the 15% rule, your database interaction needs to be improved.
You need to meet additional people if your database isn't big enough to help you reach your objective using the 15% rule.


Create An Interesting Point Of View

Obtain information on the market. You've probably learned that we respond, "What part of the market are you interested in," when someone asks how the market is doing. This works if the buyer or seller is currently engaged.
It appears as though you are attempting to convert someone who is merely trying to strike up a discussion. Decide on your projection and viewpoint for the local real estate market in 2023 instead.
Spiky perspectives of view are what? It makes you unique from everyone else. It represents the totality of your knowledge, abilities, personality, and instincts. You have been shaped into the person you are now by these factors.
Wes Kao is credited with coining the phrase "spiky point of view".
Your analysis of the market has a jagged point of view that is both unexpected and accurate.
You must consider your market carefully if you want to have a spiky point of view.


  • The move-up buyer-style homes will probably be impacted by rising loan rates, but the luxury segment and entry-level homes will likely be less affected.
  • Due to the fact that they are essentially a forced investing program, rental properties are one of the best investments.
  • Focus your efforts on the kitchen when remodeling.
  • When studying the market, employ spiky points of view, but don't always rely on them.
  • Your viewpoint as it pertains to experience and/or study
  • Discussion starter
  • Demonstrates how carefully you have thought about real estate
  • Discussing market conditions, different property kinds, marketing, and negotiations all work well.


The word of 2023 Is AI

You've probably heard about ChatGPT and how it affects different sectors. The same applies to real estate. Let's examine what ChatGPT advises for brand-new agents!
Some good suggestions here, if not perfect.
The tool is amazing in and of itself, but how can we use it in real estate? It all depends on how well the prompts are written.
Become accustomed to trying out various prompts.
Take a look at all of these ChatGPT marketing prompts, for instance.
Although it is currently unclear how this will affect marketing, real estate, and the entire world, most people agree that it will have a significant impact.

The following are some things you can use this tool for:

  • Queries regarding real estate terminology
  • Suggestions for marketing
  • Email varies
  • Copy for social media ads
  • Scripts
  • Online copy

Alternatively, just ask ChatGPT!


Most people usually arrange social engagements first, then other daily obligations around them. Avoid doing this!
We advise flipping this method and scheduling your to-do lists in conjunction with your primary calendar.
You have a lot going on; you're making content, learning new things, meeting with clients, and getting the hang of things. This is why it has such an impact.
If other commitments take precedence and these important chores are added to the to-do list, we're prepared to bet they'll remain there for a very long time before being crossed off.
You must schedule appointments with yourself and treat them seriously in addition to your exterior obligations. We refer to this as "The Full Calendar Method," where your calendar cannot have any empty slots.


The Most Important Times On Your Calendar

The operations

This relates to the time you devote to essential emails, possibly putting out fires, and other crucial business procedures.

• Content

Unfortunately, despite how crucial it is, creating content for your company is sometimes neglected in favor of other chores.

– Education

The next step is education. This is the time when you allot time to study contracts, perform CMAs, research the market and industry, etc.

- Outward

You also need to block off time on your calendar for outbound time, often known as prospecting. This now extends beyond simply following up with leads or prospects and includes actually making the effort to strike up discussions and develop relationships.

Spend at least 5 hours each week making calls and reaching out in order for outbound prospecting to be successful. The five hours need not be spread out over the course of the entire week. You can finish the five hours in one sitting or divide them into two sessions.

And keep in mind that this 'prospecting' is actually creating lasting relationships with your database, broadening your impact in the process.


Facing Time

Facetime is the final option. This is what it's like when you're starting from scratch: client meetings, networking functions, open houses, etc.


Content Generator

Many new realtors believe that since there are so many content creators, there is no sense in producing blog entries and YouTube videos.
Even if there is a ton of content available, there will always be more individuals looking for it, which is why it's crucial to produce content for your company.


When Should I Post?

Try producing at least one valuable video per week if you want to concentrate on SEO and YouTube content. If TikTok or Instagram are your primary platforms, commit to a daily plan of one video upload. This holds true for both branding and discovery content.


Have A Statement To Make

You'll chat a lot when you work as a realtor. To express ideas about the market, you must do your research and comprehend it.
If you had a job, it would be helpful. Feel as though you're still on the verge?
Learning from those who have informed thoughts and conduct accurate market evaluations is a terrific method to get around this.

Additional ways to learn about the market include:

  • Preview Inventories

Look through the many listings that are now available. You must look through residences if you want to comprehend the market.
Every week, choose a few open postings to preview. Occupied listings are effective too, but if you don't currently have a buyer, it may be harder for you. As a result, we favor concentrating on open listings.
Instead of merely browsing when previewing, consider how you could make this listing better, how you might alter the marketing, and how much you think it would sell for.


CMA Work

Try to perform a couple of practice CMAs each week. You will require this talent absolutely.
Surgeons practice before performing surgery, not after. You wouldn't want a surgeon operating on you for the first time without any training.
Buyers and sellers are the same.


Contact Busy Agents

Consider this: if an agent you know is swamped with work, it stands to reason that they will have leads they are unable to fulfill.
You need to communicate with them, develop a connection with them over time, and then offer to share part of the duties once the two of you are comfortable with one another. Offer them a bigger than usual referral fee and reassure them that you will handle their leads expertly.
Keeping the other agent informed of the lead conversion process is also a good idea.
Spend as much time as you can shadowing active agents because most of your worries can be resolved.
A part-time helper would also be helpful for many busy agents. In a sense, this is compensated education. If you come across an agent who needs assistance, seize the chance if you're a rookie agent.



Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, but it cannot replace the value of in-person interactions with customers and prospects.


Attend Corporate Events

Try to go to at least three events each week as a novice realtor, and they all need to have people. Attending local real estate networking events regularly is a great approach to developing connections with business leaders.
Your local chamber of commerce is the ideal location to begin. For young and developing agents, this may be one of the main sources of leads.


Various Providers

Making contact with other service providers, such as house inspectors, attorneys, mortgage brokers, and other professionals who can assist our clients, is a significant effect of the aforementioned activities.
Don't make this the majority of your networking because you won't get much if any, business from this. Since meeting with you will benefit their business, these suppliers will be happy to do so.
Don't ignore these connections, but don't use them as your main source of networking either.


Enjoy your hobbies and build your own community. Events don't have to be strictly business.

Make the most of your passions by taking part in community activities in your area where you can meet new people. What could be better than hanging out and enjoying yourself with those who have similar interests to your own?
Create your own networking event where you bring people together to boost community participation activities.
Every month, you may host a dinner party for your friends, family, and neighbors, or you could plan a networking event for people with similar interests.

The 2-Hour Cocktail Party is a brilliant event strategy, so check it out if you're looking for something great!
The idea is to make yourself the focal point of the gathering, which will help others regard you as a leader. Influence is a result of leadership, which is another quality.
In addition to your three weekly events, start having one-on-one meetings with folks at least twice a week to properly cultivate these relationships.



Greetings from the real estate sector! Although different predictions have been made about how the market will develop in 2023, you can be sure that it will be a fascinating and exciting year.
These techniques will help you quickly become a top-producing, knowledgeable real estate agent.