Putting Your House On The Market Quickly And Easily

Putting Your House On The Market Quickly And Easily

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Agents are aware that the objective when selling a home is to draw in potential buyers and get at least one strong offer. The booming real estate market of today undoubtedly helps, but that doesn't mean you or your clients should forgo house staging. In order to help you draw in eligible buyers and the best and highest offers, we'll discuss some good and terrible home staging recommendations below. These are some simple methods for earning extra money from your sellers.


Does Home Staging Pay Off?

Check out the National Association of Realtors® poll if you're not sure whether home staging is worthwhile. According to the poll, 83% of buyer's agents believe staging helps potential buyers see a house as their future home. Furthermore, according to 53% of seller's agents, staging a home reduces its time on the market either significantly or modestly.

A decision to purchase a home involves both financial and emotional considerations. Homes are settings for creating memories, raising children, and starting new chapters. Residential houses are made as hospitable and alluring to potential buyers as feasible via staging. In other words, it helps your listing stand out from other houses that are for sale.


Where To Start

The kitchen, living room, and master bedroom are the three areas that receive the greatest staging when a house is being sold. No matter the room you choose, make sure to clean and organize the entire house.

You have only a few seconds to catch their attention in a sea of listings because 97% of buyers browse online to select their home. Considering curb attractiveness is also important.


Having A Nice Curb Appeal Makes A Good First Impression

Let's begin with the home's façade. After all, the exterior of the house is shown in the first image on every listing. About three seconds are given to you to entice buyers to click on your listing. If your ad is at the top of a buyer's list or in the "meh" category, it all depends on the first photo.

Encourage your clients to employ a landscaping business or, if they're do-it-yourselfers, get outside and trim the bushes just before having images shot. Replace drab plants with new ones that seem enticing to revive them. Additionally, clean up the yard's garbage and sticks. That hose, too? Check to see that it is nicely twisted up and not a jumbled mess. Last but not least, hang a decorative item or universal wreath from the front entrance. Not all prospective customers are interested in purchasing seasonal things like Christmas wreaths or Halloween decorations.


Within The House

When prospective buyers enter the house for the first time, they will have a few things on their minds.

The home's temperature comes first. When people enter a cold home on a hot summer day, they will exhale with relief that the air conditioning is functioning.

The smells in the house will also catch their attention. Buyers-to-be will be checking the property for things like smoke, dogs, mold, and mildew. The last thing you want is for prospective buyers to smell fresh seafood or a wet dog. Make sure the home of your sellers smells divine. Target a sugar cookie smell while lighting some candles.

Finally, prospective buyers will immediately notice if a home is bright and airy or dark and dungeon-like. Ensure that the entire house receives enough amount of natural light. Close all of the drapes and blinds.


Tips For Kitchen Home Staging

Potential buyers will focus closely on the kitchen even if they are not expert cooks. Your objective is to convince the buyer that the kitchen is big enough for their needs, functional, and kept.

You can expect purchasers to open drawers and look inside appliances during the open house. Dispose of the soiled dishes, and make sure the sink is spotless. Make sure your clients run the dishwasher before the open house as well. Someone will inevitably open the dishwasher, and no one wants to smell yesterday night's dinner. Empty the dishwasher and take out the garbage. That will ruin the staging and undo all of your hard work.

Reduce clutter on the countertops and the island to give potential buyers the impression that they have more space than they actually do. Decrease the number of appliances in use as well. For instance, your consumers should put away a toaster oven if it has dirt or filth adhered to it. Ensure that drawers are not crammed to the brim. The first thing someone will think when they open the drawer is that there isn't enough room because there are so many towels inside.

Include some greens in the kitchen to give it some life. Place a small plant next to a toaster or other small equipment, or display herbs by a window.

Last, but not least, think about putting some fresh cookies on a pretty dish in the kitchen. Purchase some baked goodies from the grocery store and place them on the decorative dish even if you or your customers aren't bakers. This adds a touch of coziness.


Living Room Home Staging Ideas

The living room should feel inviting without being unduly stuffy when it is staged.

Here is a suggestion for the couch when house staging. Place one blanket in the center of the back of the couch. Make it usable and neat-looking. Add some pillows, then give them a good karate chop. Stick to neutral or plain colors wherever possible, but feel free to add some personality with a single-patterned pillow.

Include some plants and literature. 50 magazines from the previous five years stacked under your coffee table? No one wants to see that, so a few books perched atop the coffee table would be ideal.


Hints For Master Bedroom Home Staging

As a model for the master bedroom, consider how opulent hotels decorate their rooms.

The linens should be exceptionally clean. Add a fluffy white duvet at the end of the bed to give the space a hotel-like appearance and a sense of luxury. Add a bouquet to the nightstands. Flowers from the neighborhood supermarket, even if they cost $10, will warm the space.

Make the master bathroom feel like a spa while setting it. Make sure a candle is lit, the fan is off, and the toilet seat is down. Remove any toiletries from the countertops to declutter the bathroom. A fancy soap pump (not a Dial one) and a tiny plant on the countertop will also be wonderful finishing touches.