Patio Furniture: 5 Trends to Follow

Patio Furniture: 5 Trends to Follow

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Every year brings new trends in the world of exterior design so it’s no wonder. That both the homeowners and designers alike are rushing to see what fresh ideas have made it to the spotlight. This year is no different. With Pantone already launching their pick for the colour of the year 2019. This year’s interior designs are bound to experience yet another transformation.

It’s no different with outdoor designs either. As we are yet again exploring and discovering new materials and styles we can rock in our backyards. Pushing the boundaries of the outdoor furniture to the next level. So, if you have a patio that’s just waiting to be lavished with the latest furniture trends. Check some of them out for some additional inspiration.

Introduce new materials

Basically, it’s no longer enough to simply have plain old plastic patio furniture. Instead, organic materials are making their way to the scene. So, shoo, plastic, we never liked you anyway. Therefore, consider mixing materials such as wicker, wood, timber and metal to create a luxurious vibe right on your patio. The best part is that, if you decide to mix the materials. You don’t have to worry too much about going with a matched look. Instead, go for an eclectic vibe and mix various styles together. This way, you’ll even be able to replace a piece of furniture – if necessary – without having to worry about hindering the design you have going on.

Update outdoor seating

Thanks to the somewhat recent trend of relocating the indoor furniture outdoors and expanding your living space. The need for more comfortable outdoor seating options rose. That’s why more and more designers are suggesting equipping. Your patio with fully upholstered furniture to truly bring the indoor comfort outside. The latest outdoor furniture designs in Sydney show us that. When shopping for materials, you should go for the water-resistant ones. Because you want to make sure that they are as durable as possible, and not only pretty. Additionally, to further prolong the lifespan of your outdoor seating cushions, make sure to store them away when not in use.

Introduce colourful accessories

Accessories are no longer restrained to interior spaces only. Instead, according to the latest outdoor trends. They are finding their way to the outdoor areas as well. Things like colourful throw pillows, soft area rugs and elaborate macramé’s will really give that extra oomph to your outdoor seating area, making it feel more like the extension of your home and not the separate living space. So, consider adding throw pillows with various leaf patterns to create the perfect balanced bond between the indoors and the outdoors. When choosing a rug, check out natural jute rugs – they have the raw beauty of this natural material and look simply stunning in any outdoor environment. Finally, you can even implement sheer curtains in the design that will not only create a beautiful romantic atmosphere but that you can use to protect yourself from various insects.

Always go for high-quality pieces

When choosing any piece of your patio décor, make sure you always go with the best possible quality to ensure that the pieces will last you for a long time. Materials such as wood generally tend to be more durable than plastic, for example, and they are much better at withstanding changing weather conditions and temperatures, in addition to helping your green up your backyard. Sure, they may cost a bit more initially, but if you take their longevity into account, you’ll see just how efficient they are in the long run.

Give your old coffee table an interesting twist

Finally, you can add a touch of uniqueness to your patio design by putting a little fun twist to your coffee table. Instead of having a plain old table, create a fire pit. Fire pits and fireplaces have always been natural gathering places where people come together at the end of the day, so use that to your advantage when furnishing your patio. Besides, this way, you’ll be able to prolong your outdoor stay deep into the night because a nice fire pit table will keep you warm even when the sun goes down.

If you’re looking to boost your patio this year but are not quite sure how to approach the transformation, give some of these ideas a go and see if any of them work for you personally.

By Lillian Connors