Ideas For Real Estate Agent Videos [That Produce Leads]

Ideas For Real Estate Agent Videos [That Produce Leads]

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An efficient and tried-and-true marketing tactic for expanding your real estate company is video marketing. Additionally, the tactic is incredibly underapplied.🤑

This indicates that there is a lot of room for growth and less competition, which is uncommon in the real estate market.

The truth is that while real estate video marketing is crucial, its worth comes from its ability to produce leads. Moreover, produces high-quality leads; after all, while video content is fantastic, finding consumers and vendors is crucial.

If you want some amazing ideas for real estate videos, keep reading.


Real Estate Agents: Innovative Video Ideas


Testimonial Films

The experiences of others are the best approach to convey to others how skilled you are in your line of work. A video testimonial establishes rapport and fosters trust.

People should be willing to share their stories with you if you are genuinely good at what you do. They might offer testimonials in the same way that they suggest reputable agents. Frequently, though, they will want some gentle prodding and guidance. You won't get what you ask for. The truth is that most clients would be thrilled to participate in a testimonial video.

When posting those testimonials, use caution in your choice of locations. Naturally, one excellent resource is your website. Additionally, you can post testimonies to YouTube and compile them into a playlist. Another great platform for showing video testimonials is Facebook. However, keep in mind the importance of short-form content and make use of Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Tiktok.

This video testimonial is really well done. You'll see that the buyer's experience is the main focus here. Contrary to what most agents want, which is to have their face front and center and ubiquitous, the agent's face is not visible on the video.


Funny Videos Of Agents

Using humor to connect with others is a great idea. Funny dogs and cats are, as you undoubtedly well know, the most popular kind of videos. Even while it might not be enough to aid you, there are still ways you can be instructive and entertaining.

Examine what's popular on TikTok and YouTube, and follow those who are already succeeding.

Canadian real estate agent Gemma Legget has less than 1,000 followers and over 45,000 views on her YouTube video. That's a noteworthy accomplishment.

A recent video on the Holderness Family Vlogs channel speaks to the public of today, especially in light of the state of the market.

The fact that that one video has received over 285k views speaks much about the applicability of this strategy.

Considering the typical number of views a real estate agent video receives, this one may be considered a "viral video."

The Holderness family isn't even involved in real estate, which is an intriguing aspect. Excellent chance for you to act now, as a real estate agent, to take comparable action for your market.


Instructional Videos

Not only is this kind of video underutilized, but there is a ton of potential for this kind of content.

An example of what a typical real estate agent may post on social media might be, "First time home buyer programs available- call me for more information." Typically, crickets are the outcome.

Would you mind taking five minutes to describe those "First Time Homebuyer Programs"? How can someone who hasn't purchased a house in the previous three years be eligible for zero down payment financing under a unique state program?

You can discuss the program's availability areas and the income thresholds needed to qualify. That is a worthwhile piece of writing.

This is a great illustration of a "how-to video" explaining how to apply for an FHA loan. Two things to note are that the video has received over 500,000 views and is 45 minutes lengthy.The video is obviously interesting, and its runtime is suitable for the platform.

Understanding past sales, first-time buyer advice, getting pre-approved, purchasing new construction, understanding HOA regulations, selling for top dollar, the impact of solar panels on real estate value, improving the curb appeal of your home, what an escrow account is, and the distinction between a listing agent and buyer's agent are some other how-to topics.


Reviews Of Local Businesses

Most of your business is most likely concentrated in a specific geographic location. It goes without saying that, like other real estate brokers, you want people to know that you are the authority in the field.

Creating movies that highlight local companies and collaborating with them is a terrific approach to establish oneself as an informed part of the community.

The owners of the businesses will, in turn, assist you in expanding your clientele and advertising your enterprise to their clientele. We refer to it as a "win-win."


Real-Time Q&A

This is another area where a lot of agents pass up chances to engage with potential clients. Although a lot of buyers and sellers may be considering their options, many are not yet prepared to meet with an agent.

They view that as a significant commitment, and some people are merely afraid.

Organize a one-hour live session on Zoom or Facebook Live, where you merely answer questions throughout the designated period.

During that hour, people are free to come and go as they like without having to commit to a face-to-face meeting just yet.


Listing Films

It's a terrific idea to highlight real estate listings with videos. Agents are utilizing this idea, but most of them could improve their approach to maximize the value of their movies.

Though it's true that listing videos are intended for purchasers to see the house, effective agents who use video tours also consider the buyer who may eventually sell.

Consider Brad McCallum, a Calgary, Canada-based agent who, in just four years, has become a real estate celebrity. He has mostly achieved this thanks to excellent real estate films featuring his listings.

You can see when he started by looking at his channel. His journey to real estate success is chronicled in his early videos, which date back four years, and his more recent ones.

Thanks to Brad's strategic use of video to entice potential sellers, he is now receiving multiples of million-dollar listings on a regular basis.

That is the epitome of attraction-based marketing.


A Typical Day In The Life

The general public's understanding of real estate agents' duties is hazy at best. a declaration that is not entirely grounded in reality. By tactfully illustrating to others the struggles you face as an agent, you may truly make an impact.

The legendary Gary Vee discusses the idea of recording rather than producing. He has the authority to talk on the topic because he owns a multimillion dollar marketing company.

He speaks on camera in real estate marketing films and is a regular presence at real estate conferences.

Jessica Riffle Edwards of North Carolina is a real-life example of someone who has succeeded with this kind of content. Jessica's channel started very little. She began providing brief updates on the real estate market in her car fourteen years ago.

Jessica's business is doing really well these days; she has over 13,000 channel members and a strong real estate business.

This video offers yet another superb illustration of a corporate representative discussing a real estate agent's typical day.

Present a candid, unglamorized picture of yourself and your business to potential clients. They will value sincerity and genuineness.

They will view you as a reliable representative that they can relate to.


Concerning Me

You should post your "about me" real estate video on all of your internet platforms, including your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook company page, and Facebook profile.

Your prospects should be able to relate to the story this video tells. How many homes you have sold or how many "#1 agent" honors you have won doesn't matter to viewers.

They are interested in learning about you personally and what you can do to help them. With your "about me" video, emphasize that.

Tell them things about you that will demonstrate your similarities to them.

Become acquainted with the team

It could make sense to arrange for your prospects to meet the individuals they would be working with, depending on the stage of your organization and how you manage it.

Being open and honest in your business dealings always goes a long way with people who do not know you. One method to include them in the inner circle is to do this.

You can get your preferred escrow, title, and lender together.

Additionally, you can invite those who assist your company, including house warranty providers and inspectors. Your forthcoming clientele will value your openness.


Updates On The Market

People are usually interested in learning about the current status of the real estate market when they are considering buying or selling a home.

If they are in California, though, they could not give a damn about what is going on on the east coast.

For people in Texas or New Mexico, the market in Washington or Oregon matters nothing. Nonetheless, national market news is what the great majority of real estate agents post about in their market updates.

Demonstrate to your existing and potential clients that you are a true local expert by being knowledgeable about your area. Show them high-quality videos that document events in their county or city.

Anything not included in it probably doesn't matter to them. This is a great illustration of a top Orange County, California agent's local market video update.

All local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) members are real estate agents. Every MLS provides resources that offer comprehensive market data.

Make use of the items you now have in front of you to increase brand recognition and reputation.


Commonly Asked Questions

Each agent discovers that they frequently respond to the identical inquiries from several clients. Every buyer you interact with likely have a number of questions for you; the same is true for house sellers.

Make a brief series of real estate videos on those topics to save yourself some time. If a buyer can start small and work their way up, that is what buyers writing offers want to know.

They'll all start lowballing properties or ask questions. In today's market, that tactic only results in their offer not even being shown to the seller.

Before they meet with you, let them all know that.

Sellers typically have a few standard inquiries even prior to listing. Things like the average closing fees when selling a home. It's simple to make this film, and chances are, not many people in your market will have access to this information.

FAQ videos are an excellent method to establish a connection with potential customers and a quick way to begin earning their confidence. Kindly make use of it.


Commonly Asked Questions


What's The Ideal Length For A Real Estate Video?

Most agents will receive the same response to this query, mostly from those in the real estate industry: three minutes or less. That isn't always the case, though.

The platform, the intended viewership, and the objective of the film all influence how long a real estate video should be.

You can upload educational videos to YouTube for up to thirty minutes, or even longer if you provide high-quality information.

Have you ever watched a forty-five-minute video just to get the information you required? Information that you found to be really pertinent and timely? Everyone has.

Every word you say will be closely watched by a prospective homeowner who wants to hear how the Down Payment Assistance program will enable them to purchase a home with no money down.

That kind of real estate video, though, belongs on YouTube, not an Instagram Reel.

Deliver a message that is suitable for both the platform and your audience by getting to know them.


How Can We Encourage Viewers Of The Video?

This question's solution also has a few "depends." But the network is the most crucial element.

You should be able to post it on TikTok right now and attract viewers if you do. Right now, this network has a lot of organic reach.

The majority of Facebook postings these days are pay-to-play. The good news is that using paid advertisements on Facebook to reach a sizable audience is really affordable.

Probably the most effective and fastest method for reaching your potential prospects with your videos is this one.

When done right, Instagram reels can get respectable organic reach. You can use IG Reels to showcase your paid content if you use Facebook sponsored advertisements.

A lot of information is also being shown to LinkedIn members organically as they attempt to expand their networks.

Since YouTube updated its algorithm, videos are now receiving more views even in the absence of sponsored advertisements. To attain that reach on YouTube, you need to improve the description, thumbnail, and content among other things.

Examine the many platforms, select one, and dominate it. Next, on to the subsequent one.


How Can I Make Viral Real Estate Videos?

For "viral videos," there is no recipe, particularly in real estate, which most people find to be a dull topic unless they are actively buying or selling.

Because of the small audience, virality is typically not achievable.

Even yet, you can still be successful if you have a tiny but devoted following of viewers who enjoy your films' excellent content. You won't have to worry about getting viral if you concentrate on that.


Finally, Adopt Video Marketing

Start by looking over these best prospecting ideas if you're new to the real estate game.

The use of video marketing in real estate has become popular and has a significant positive effect on the businesses of real estate agents who have adopted this strategy.

Either you catch up with the trend or you fall behind. Particularly for recently appointed agents, the rivalry is intense.

Your opponent will ultimately take the lead and the company that could have been yours if you are not competing on an equal footing.

To move your real estate company in the proper path, embrace video marketing.