How to Surpass Your Real Estate Competitors in 2019

How to Surpass Your Real Estate Competitors in 2019

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The world of real estate can be competitive, as many companies will be vying to secure both buyers and sellers. If you want customers to choose your brand over your rivals throughout the years. Moreover, you must develop a competitive strategy to set yourself apart in the industry.

To sell or rent your home. Additionally, here are some helpful tips on how to exceed your real estate competitors.

Identify and Address Client Pain Points

Most clients have a firm grasp of the type of property they want before approaching a real estate agent. However, it is possible they will experience common pain points when hunting for their dream house or apartment, such as:

• Property pricing.
• The length of time to sell a property.
• Legal issues.
• Financial problems.

If so, you must address the issues in your marketing strategy and potentially offer a solution. Which could make a potential client want to choose you over an industry rival.

For example, if a seller wants to make a quick sale on their property. They will not be searching for the most affordable realtor in their town or city. Additionally, will want to work with an agent who can help them secure the fastest sale.

Grab Attention with 3D Floor Plans

Bring a property hunter’s potential home to life through the power of 3D floor plans. It will allow you to strip back the interior and hone in on the layout of the home. Additionally, which can help a prospective buyer to make an informed decision. Plus, it’s easy to do, as you can turn a 2D floor plan into 3D at the click of a button. Visit Metropix

Promote Your USP

What sets your real estate business apart from your competition? If you don’t know, you must both discover and promote your unique selling proposition (USP) to your target customers.

If you’re unsure, answer the following questions:

• What can you do better than your competitors?
• Why would a client choose you over a rival?
• What makes your service unique?

Don’t forget to align your USP with your clients’ pain points or priorities to effectively promote your services.

Analyze Your Competitors

If your competitors are securing many customers and growing their brand. You must analyze where they are going right or wrong. Once you have acquired this data, you must integrate it into your own sales and marketing campaigns.

For example:

• Do they offer an impressive, easy-to-use website?
• Are they ranking highly for specific keywords in Google?
• Furthermore, are they feature a service you don’t?
• Additionally, do they provide a more affordable fee or a better service?

Find Your Niche

A niche market could potentially make your industry rivals irrelevant. That’s because you’ll be aiming your real estate services towards a specific group. For example, you could target young professionals looking for affordable apartments. Futhermore, you could help older couples downsize their home.

While this can reduce the number of clients on your database, it could help to increase your brand awareness and reputation across your industry. As a result, you could develop a sought-after specialty and charge a higher fee.

BY Bob Gorman