How To Promote Pocket Listings: The Hidden Key

How To Promote Pocket Listings: The Hidden Key

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An off-market listing, or a property offered to prospective purchasers through private channels instead of the MLS, is called a pocket listing. A real estate agent keeps the listing in their metaphorical "pocket" until they locate a buyer through word-of-mouth or their own personal network.

A pocket listing won't have any large, eye-catching yard signage or be overrun with spam online. The difficult job for a real estate agent is to market a listing to a select group of clients while keeping it hidden from the general public.


How Do You Run A Pocket Listing?

Listing agents who are not members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) usually oversee pocket listings. The organization has disallowed pocket listings. There is, nevertheless, a listing option marked "office exclusive." Office exclusives restrict the marketing of pocket listing agreements to the brokerage and its affiliate companies. It's important to remember, though, that certain states provide an exception.

Despite the difficulties, there are a few reasons why some vendors choose pocket listings:

  1. In an attempt to close a deal quickly, sellers would want to sell straight to a known buyer.
  2. By keeping your listing private, you can lessen the likelihood that many price decreases will be shared on the MLS, which may turn off potential buyers.
  3. If the seller is a famous person or other public figure, keep their house sale private from the public.
  4. Before listing their house for sale, some sellers prefer to check whether any interest will be shown at the agreed-upon price.


Do Real Estate Agents Benefit from Pocket Listings? 


Pros Of Pocket Listings

  • Real estate agents that use pocket listings keep their entire commission rather than having it split.
  • Buyers represented by an agent have access to homes that they would not otherwise find. This enables purchasers to submit an offer and expedite the closing process. Customers are more likely to recommend you or come back if they can have this special experience with you.


Cons Of Pocket Listings

  • Because each listing receives a disproportionately small amount of publicity, sellers with pocket listings may receive fewer offers on their property. Furthermore, there's little chance for the price increase that frequently results from a bidding war.
  • Real estate brokers may find it challenging to ascertain precise home values in the neighborhood when listing prices are concealed.
  • Adherence to the law may become a contentious matter. Housing regulations mandate that all people, regardless of demography, have access to dwellings. An agent treads very carefully when it comes to this line of not disclosing the property to the public.
  • In order to avoid drawing too much attention, purchasers must be properly screened; yet, you must collaborate with other brokers to determine whether they have any qualified candidates.


How To Locate The Correct Buyer And Subtly Promote Pocket Listings

These are the top strategies for advertising your pocket listings that won't draw attention.

Choose the Correct Audience: Mention that residents of the community where your listing is located may "choose their new neighbors." Anyone would desire a friend close by, and locals might know someone who might be considering the house.

Email marketing: Reaching out to individuals you already know and have a relationship with is a terrific approach to promoting your pocket listing. Making an email list for listings not on MLS will be simple if your contacts are correctly classified in your CRM.

Make Contacts: The best recommendations may come from your professional contacts. When they recommend you to others in their network, it's excellent if you share some connections. You can start a chain reaction of referrals with a sequence of well-timed exchanges and recommendations!

Sponsor Events: You are still able to employ traditional advertising methods even if your list is exclusive. Think of supporting upscale business gatherings that draw affluent individuals who might be considering your properties. Another option is to try to get companies to sponsor certain events, like the art auction, by helping the neighborhood winery.

Google Ads: Not everyone is able to see Google Ads. You can use precise keywords that only folks in your niche would know, and you can fine-tune your advertisements to only show up to people with particular interests, in specified places.


Finishing Up

Sometimes, pocket listings are a sensitive topic. Not every agent loves them, but for certain customers, they are essential. Finding a real estate agent who is adept at handling pocket listings is a big plus for the few clients who utilize and profit from them.

Naturally, the most difficult part of pocket listings is finding the proper buyer. You can reduce the time and effort required to locate the ideal buyer for your off-market listing by using the advice we've provided above.