Home Staging: Chic Kitchen Décor

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If you’re planning to sell your home, you probably already know that the kitchen is one of its strongest selling points. Potential buyers need to fall in love with this room if you want to seal the deal. This is why it should be both functional and well designed; it should have everything a modern family might need, and it should be stylish. Even if your kitchen is brand new, there are still ways to upgrade it and make it more welcoming. So, here’s what you can do to make your kitchen look like million bucks in order to sell your home faster.

Clean and declutter

One of the first things you should do is clear all the countertops. All your kitchen appliances should be put away, and all the dishes and kitchenware should have their designated drawer or cabinet. The only things allowed on the countertops are decorative elements like a nice flower vase or a bowl of fresh fruit. Clearing your countertops will make your kitchen appear larger, which is something all buyers want to see.

Moreover, if you have spices, put them in small containers and arrange them in a way that makes sense (by colour, name, or the size of the containers). This way, you will make your kitchen appear even more chic and organized.

Once you’re done decluttering, clean your kitchen until it sparkles. Wipe your drawers and cabinets, clean the oven and stove, and make sure there’s no garbage in the bin. The dishwasher should be empty, and you should clean the fridge as well. Don’t forget to clean the floor and windows too. Finally, make your kitchen smell as good as it looks with some air fresheners or home-made solutions.

Upgrade the lighting

You want your potential buyers to actually see all the effort you’ve put into your kitchen, so don’t neglect the lighting. Forget the usual yellow light and use LED lights. Add accents lights above the important areas, like the stove, and make sure there’s plenty of natural light. Replace your fittings if they are old-fashioned, and your kitchen will look more spacious and clean.

Make use of the space

You want to do everything you can to make your kitchen look as spacious as possible. You don’t want your kitchen furniture to draw the attention away from the overall appearance of the room and its size. So, ensure that the layout enables you to move around freely and reach everything you might need. There should also be a clear flow between the furniture items, so the room feels more natural and open.

The colours matter as well. For example, pairing the neutral-coloured walls with light-coloured curtains would highlight the natural light and make your kitchen appear larger. If you’re not sure how to pull this off and make your kitchen look bigger, there are many examples of custom kitchens online, so make sure to check them out. It might give you a couple of great ideas that would make your kitchen look truly unique.

Paint it

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make. So, if your cabinets feel a bit worn out, bring them up to date by repainting them. Use colours that match your countertops. Of course, you can repaint the whole kitchen if it feels a bit worn out, just make sure all the colours complement each other. That being said, if your countertops are not in the best condition, it might be better to replace them altogether.

Speaking of colours, you could also add a few pops of colour with the already-mentioned decorative elements, like flowers, colourful vases, interesting canisters, a bowl of fruit, etc. It would give your kitchen character and make it look more stylish. Just don’t overdo it, since you don’t want to create clutter. A few small details here and there can do wonders for the appearance of your kitchen.

Your kitchen can determine how quickly you’ll sell your home and whether you’ll manage to sell it for the desired price. So, pay attention to the lighting, and change the layout a bit if necessary. Make sure it is sparkling clean, and don’t leave any dishes or appliances on the countertops. Repaint it and decorate it with interesting details, and have no doubt your house will sell in no time.

By ChloeTaylor