7 Lighting Ideas to Lift Up Your Home Style

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When designing and decorating a living space, lighting is often overlooked. As most people don’t realize that it has the potential to transform the appearance of the entire home. Through good lighting, you can add a personal touch to the room. And it can help you emphasize all the elements of your décor from the furniture to the wall coverings. With that in mind, here are seven lighting ideas that should help you bring your home style to a new level.

Add an element of surprise

Whether it is a luxurious chandelier in the bathroom or some string lights in the kitchen. Unexpected lighting fixtures can really help you make a statement in your home. Plus, they can bring into focus those areas of your home that don’t usually get that many decorative features. After all, why wouldn’t you have a have a nice chandelier in your bathroom?

Don’t be afraid of changes

Even small changes can bring a room to life. For instance, you can add some new shades to your favourite table lamp. Or you can replace your usual bulbs with the LED ones for some extra brightness. Moreover, if there’s an area in your home that doesn’t get enough light. You can spice it up with some string lighting and add a dose of mystery to it. Again, it’s the little things that matter, and it doesn’t take much to refresh your room with lights.

Choose fixtures with artistic elements

Believe it or not, lighting can be not just functional but also artistic. There are plenty of fixtures with artistic elements that can provoke interest. For example, you can find many hand-painted and hand-bent fixtures. Some of which are bound to fit your home’s style. Moreover, if you live in Australia, there are many fantastic lighting shops in Sydney that sell customised lighting solutions. This might be just the thing you need to make your home truly yours.

Layer it

When it comes to lighting, it’s all about the layers. For example, if you’re decorating your living room, besides the central lighting fixture. You should also introduce some accent lights and table lamps. The way you position them depends on your room layout, of course. But nevertheless, the key to a well-lit room is in the layers. Plus, in most big rooms, one ambient light is rarely enough to do the trick.

Mix it up

Although it is true that most rooms require more than one lighting source. Nobody says that those lighting sources have to be the same in terms of style. There’s nothing wrong with mixing old and new, as long as they still complement each other and go well with the overall look of the room. Plus, it’s a great way to add some personality to your home.

Think about the arc

If you’re looking for something a bit different, consider installing an arc light instead of the typical overhead light. This way, you would still have a central light source, and since the arc is generally quite high. There’s no danger of anybody bumping their head on it while walking underneath. However, the placement is still important, and you should keep in mind.That arc lights are best suited for more contemporary room settings.

Don’t forget the natural light

As important as lighting is, nothing can match the beauty of natural light. So, consider installing French windows in your bathroom, since that is a perfect way to introduce some charm and romance into the room. Such windows can work wonders in any bathroom, just don’t forget to position them wisely in order to maintain enough privacy.

Lighting is mostly seen as something purely practical ‒ we need lights in order to see after the sun goes down. However, there’s much more to it than that. Lighting fixtures can upgrade the style of your room, emphasize certain areas, and help you make your home more personal and unique. So, think about all the ways in which you can use lights in your favour, and your home is guaranteed to be brighter than ever before in more ways than one.

By Chloe Taylor