Guidelines to the Care of Natural Stone Benchtops

Guidelines to the Care of Natural Stone Benchtops

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It has been a dream of yours to get yourself natural stone benchtops and you have successfully fulfilled that. Right now, it is time for you to get along with the best deals associated with care for your Stone benchtops. Unless you have proper caring deals by your side, you will not be able to focus on maintaining the longevity of the benchtops.

Natural stones are not that hard to take care of but have the power to attract dust and dirt more. Therefore, it becomes vital to learn about the ways to keep the natural stones away from dust and get some quality results in the end. With the help of simple steps, there are loads of ways to take care of your stone benchtops.

General Cares to Follow:

Some general steps can go a long way in maintaining the conditions of your natural stone benchtops. At first, you should know the “don’ts” to follow. While investing money in such items and willing to make them last for a longer period.

  • Never try to sit or stand on the benchtops. The stone is rather strong, but the under cabinets may not be the same. The thinner edge in front of the hotplate and sink will not be able to take the pressure exerted.
  • Avoid sliding rough items along with benchtops. Stone products are scratch-resistant in nature but not scratchproof. Whenever you have to use anything, which might have the tendency to scratch the stone surface. Make sure to put a felt pad under them to avoid such services from taking place.
  • Try to avoid leaving spills while dealing with the maintenance of natural stone benchtops. Remember to wipe off all sorts of liquid and food whenever it is possible. Fruit juices, citrus, vinegar, and similar such items are rather acidic. Furthermore, can easily eat into stone, especially if the natural benchtops are made out of limestone or marble. So, be sure to wipe the juices and clean it immediately before it gets too late.

Things That Falls Under the Category of To Do:

Once you are sure of the don’ts, now it is time to pay attention to the things. Which you have to do while maintaining the longevity and stylish design of the natural stone benchtops right away. The steps are rather simple for you to follow and you will not need the help of an expert for that.

  • You are always welcomed to use methylated spirits like acetone for keeping the natural stones clean. After every use, at the end of the day, use these products to keep the benchtop clean. After the stone has been dried, you can always use a clean cloth to wipe it off and remove any form of streaks, if visible.
  • At the interval of 3 to 6 months, you need to apply a liquid stone wax to granite and marble both. This wax is mostly applied with any form of natural fiber cloth. Additionally, wants to be rubb within minutes to avoid the wax residue from the surface.

Using Sealant Might Help:

If the natural stone benchtops are made out of marble as the main segment. Then the sealant usability might help you a lot. As mentioned already, some natural fruit juices can bore deep into the stone and force the surface to fade away. Therefore, while constructing the benchtops, using sealants would help you a lot. That will act as a protective shield and will prevent your marble top from wearing off. Just be sure of the options available and other new technologies, which using for adding more value to the benchtops these days.