Granite Kitchen Countertops A Study of its Effectiveness

Granite Kitchen Countertops A Study of its Effectiveness

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The popular phrase “hard as rock” can be very well associate with granite due to its extremely durable nature. Formed from molten rock compresse under the surface of the earth. Granite is known to be one of the hardest natural stone. The heat-resistant quality makes the stone blister, scratch and chipping proof. Granite kitchen countertops are available in a wide variety of colors. Futhermore, the unique patterns are due to the interlocking crystals of minerals. Granite countertops have a very impressive and luminous look when sealed and polished to perfection.

The transformation process of raw granite to countertop slabs are done with the help of special cutting and drilling tools. They can be customize as per requirements. And also can be found in pre-cut varieties with customize edges. The requirement of the installation location will determine if a customized or a pre-cut version will be suitable.

Use of granite kitchen countertops has a number of advantages associate with them. The primary benefit is the durability factor that stands out as compare to other benchtop options. Among other pros, mention make of the following:

  • Natural Beauty of Stone:

Being natural stones, they exude elegance unmatch by engineering stones or steel benchtops. Natural stones also have a factor of uniqueness in them. And no two pieces can be found exactly the same. Samples display by the dealers can only give an impression of the material. However the actual slabs quarrie may differ in color and vein pattern. Also each slab may have color and pattern variation from one end to the other.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance:

Granite kitchen countertops are sealed before installation to ensure long years of endurance for the benchtop. As a cleaning agent, a gentle phosphate free slab cleaning liquid soap is use. There are a variety of cleaning agents specially designed for natural stones are available in the market. 

  • Scratch Resistance:

Cutting and chopping on granite countertops are highly recommends. As they are known to be hard enough to even dull away knife blades. 

  • Low Damage Susceptibility:

Popular for mainly its durability. Granite kitchen countertops are known to be more durable than marble stones. In earlier days, granite has also been used in commercial purposes and is prove to withstand extreme conditions of heat and cold. Though high impact blows can damage the surface and chipping may also happen, the chipped surface may be repaire by filling with granite dust. Though less porous compare to other natural stones, sealing is still a prerequisite before installation.

  • Crack Resistance:

Granite kitchen countertops are less likely to crack under normal usage conditions. However, they are reportedly more prone to damage during shipment and installation. 

  • Stain Resistance:

Granite benchtops are less prone to stains as compared to marble which is more porous in nature. But a little porosity is present in all-natural stones and granite cannot be an exception. Furthermore, certain colors show more evidence of moisture absorption. However, if immediately wipes and clean off they hardly show any sign of staining evidence. 

  • Etch Resistance:

Acidic substances brought in contact with polished natural stones lead to etching. A chemical reaction that removes the polish and makes the surface rough. Additionally, Granite kitchen countertops are usually known as resistant to the common household acidic substances. 

  • Heat Resistance:

Naturally created under the earth crust by combining heat and pressure, granite slabs are not affectes by cook tops of heated utensils.

After reading all the benefits of granite kitchen countertops. You can say that it requires very less time to clean the granite countertops. They are popular for their color strength as it will not be fade and it will give an appealing look to your kitchen. It is also resistant to stains, so you should consider granite kitchen countertops over other materials for your home and short-term rental property.


By David Fenton