General Exterior Plywood Vs. Marine Plywood- Which One To Choose?

General Exterior Plywood Vs. Marine Plywood- Which One To Choose?

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Marine (Tasmania)plywood is a premium grade outer plywood. The primary attribute of Marine Ply is, it incorporates the super-quality grade of veneer and is arguable, the most important part when considering the quality of the plywood. The veneers that are used for Marine Plywood are expected to have no defects, no core gaps, or knots, entirely giving the board either an A or B face grade. With the availability of variants, it can be incredibly hard to choose a side when it comes to  Marine Plywood and Exterior Plywood; without knowing the specific details. Both of the plywood look quite similar on the surface but understanding the main differences between Marine Plywood and Exterior Plywood will save you further down the line from a lot of headaches. In order to have a good understanding of marine plywood, it is best to make a contrast between marine plywood and general exterior plywood.

The comparison between marine plywood and general exterior plywood is as follows:

The adhesive

The best permanent WBP (phenolic) glue should be the glue for marine plywood. Although there are more forms of WBP adhesive for general outer plywood.

Grade of solid wood face/back veneer

No defects (with the exception of sound pin knots) are allowed on the face/back of marine plywood. However, some defective features on the face/back of low grade (such as C / D grade) general outer plywood are permitted.

The strong wood face/back veneer thickness

For marine plywood: The thickness of face/back veneers for multi-ply construction should be 1.3 ~ 3.8 mm according to the marine plywood standard BS 1088; for three-ply construction, the thickness should be around 0.5 mm.

For general exterior plywood: For cost-saving, the thickness of face/back veneers can be relatively thinner.

The veneer of the heart

For marine plywood: Typically, only one piece of core veneer can consist of a core layer of long grain. Edge joints are approved. End joints are forbidden.

Each core layer may consist of several pieces of core veneers for general exterior plywood. Both end joints and edge joints are permitted.

The wood species

For marine plywood: Typical marine plywood flooring should include high-density hardwood.

For general exterior plywood: species may be hardwood of high density, MLH, etc.

The application

In Tasmania, Marine plywood is used for marine aircraft construction, boat-building, or other marine applications. Marine plywood may also be used in construction. Marine plywood can be used for all the jobs that external plywood can do. General outer plywood, where weather/water resistance is required, is intended for indoor or outdoor applications.

Myths many people believe:

Some people falsely believe the film faced plywood as marine plywood. In fact, marine plywood’s internal quality is much better than that of general film-faced plywood. There are various meanings for marine plywood and film-faced plywood.

The main advantage that exterior plywood is, it comes in three distinct sheet sizes, which permits more versatility in the process. Because of this, external plywood is a good choice when you need an outdoor product, there you don’t require a Marine Grade product. As already mentioned, the Marine Ply has to be knot-free to get its official classification, but with the external plywood, you can find knots of up to one and a   half inches present! Likewise, you can also find the main gaps present, although they do need to be under an inch wide, or the Ply will lose its external ranking.

Exterior Plywood and Marine Plywood are closely related, but this article has enabled you to differentiate between these two outdoor Plyboards. If the Marine Plywood vs Exterior Plywood conflict has been resolved and you know just what you're looking for, head over to The Bunker where you can purchase a range of plywood. If you are looking to waterproof your patio exterior timber cladding in Tasmania is the choice that you should finalize. So get in touch with them today!

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