Five Professional Advices To Boost Every Campaign’s Potential

Five Professional Advices To Boost Every Campaign’s Potential

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Our sector has seen the beginning of a movement. It is a communal effort of dedication built around a thorough plan to maximize the possibilities of every marketing campaign.
Please bear with me for a moment. I'm positive this will lead somewhere significant...

During the Peloponnesian War in 430 BC, 500 Spartans beat an army of over 7,000 Persians. The Spartans had a few things that made them stand out despite the fierce competition and overwhelming odds against them. They fought as a united unit, displayed greater discipline, and carried out successful campaigns that they were aware were effective.

Why does this matter to you as a real estate professional? Doesn't it sound somewhat similar, then? You're competing against astronomical odds for your part of the market as transactions are declining and the number of agents is rising. Outside, it appears to be at war.

Successful campaigns must be strategically deployed in order to win a war. That's why I teamed up with some of my best trainers, Jimmy Mackin, CEO of Curaytor, and other industry titans to develop a program of campaigns that have been shown to be effective before providing agents with all the tools they need to implement it.


The Launch Of $100k In 100 Days

Its aim is to make sure that any agent who adheres to the program will not only finish the year strong but also position themselves for their best year ever in 2024. We call it $100k in 100 Days. The fact that 3,000 agents and brokerages have already joined up for this program qualifies it as a movement because, over the following 100 days, you'll see certain agents rise to the top while others start to fade away.

In this blog, I'll give you some background on the campaign and share five strategies for making any campaign successful. If you feel up to it, utilize this to create your own campaigns.


Rule 1 For Successful Campaigns: Be Specific About the Goals

This is an adventure. By December 31st, you want to be in a different position in your company, but the only way to get there is to know where you want to go.

Think about it being New Year's Eve. What does your company resemble?

  • Volume/transactions/GCI
  • How many listings do you currently have open as we approach 2024?
  • How many listing leads have a Q1 2024 listing date but aren't quite ready yet?

Get specific and define it. Your motivation to complete your goals will increase the more "real" you can make them.


Rule 2 For Successful Campaigns: Take Your Schedule Seriously

Participants in $100k in 100 Days receive a workbook that details each campaign and technique in detail. I and Jimmy Mackin personally wrote each and every text, script, and email. It simply plugs in and works.

However, it doesn't follow that we can do all the work for you. It's up to you to carve out time in your schedule to utilize the resources you already have. Your timetable cannot be set for you by us.

I am aware that doing this implies putting aside other things you would want to do, which takes a lot of faith. Just keep in mind that the outcome will be worthwhile. Making time for something that demands your attention and making it a priority involves planning.

Undoubtedly, this is one of those occasions.


Rule 3 For Successful Campaigns: Prepare For Resistance In Your Campaigns

Every time someone tries to accomplish something remarkable, they will encounter opposition. It is a natural law because change necessitates friction.

There are two types of resistance: internal and external. Fortunately, you can handle both of them just as well, even though internal opposition is more difficult. By telling your family and others closest to you what you're doing, you can reduce external resistance. Request their assistance and ask them to help you stick to your plan.

I've never been very good at doing something simply for myself. I suppose your actual strength also comes from doing things for the people you love. So constantly remind yourself of the purpose of your work. You can overcome mental barriers in this way.

Participants in the "100k in 100 Days" challenge have an advantage over others since they are held accountable by a coach, and coaches don't let you slip up.


Rule 4 For Successful Campaigns: Track And Measure Everything

Why would anyone object to everything being tracked and analyzed? because interpreting the measurements requires a lot of work and is somewhat challenging.

Yes, it takes some getting accustomed to, but once you do, you'll know how to alter your campaigns and have the drive to keep moving forward at full speed. It's well worth it to get beyond the learning curve.

Running a campaign in the dark while keeping track of its progress is comparable to throwing darts. How many more will you throw before you simply become exhausted? Most likely not many, but once you succeed in reaching the goal, you'll notice that your strength grows steadily with your excitement.

Creating predictability and confidence in your business is all about knowing your facts. This type of predictability is everything but dull because it gives you more time to concentrate on exciting, big-picture activities like growth, experimentation, and success on all levels. As opposed to thinking, "How can I survive?" you are instead thinking, "How can I win even bigger?"


Rule 5 For Successful Campaigns: Use Both Ends Of The Spectrum In Your Campaigns

Do you know what the Law of Polarity is? It asserts that everything has an opposite that lines up with it exactly. That implies that love and hate, fear and excitement, pain and pleasure, and other opposing emotions are all variations of the same basic phenomenon and hence belong to the same spectrum.

We want to concentrate on the range of emotions that drive us—pain and pleasure. The degree to which this energy either strengthens or weakens each individual varies. Too much suffering makes you weak. Too much pleasure leads to indulgence and laziness. However, you can keep the momentum you need to keep moving forward if you find the sweet spot on both sides of the spectrum.

Make incentives and punishments for yourself. Maybe your ability to keep your date night commitment to your lover depends on how many calls you make in a day. This always serves to further emphasize your accountability since, really, who are you to break such pledges to people you claim to care about?

Those who have a coach don't have to worry about coming up with their own punishments because that's part of what they do. A coach is your ideal spectrum moderator; they are experts at keeping you motivated, inspired, and focused. None of our clients have disappointed their coaches because those coaches are capable of doing so.


Engage In The Campaign

Marketing campaigns are more than just a collection of small gestures; they're deliberate links in a wider chain that propel your company ahead. Each one must be capable of supporting itself and fitting into the ones that come before and behind it.

This type of marketing strategy is difficult to develop, but if you start now and adhere to the guidelines we just discussed, you'll be well on your way to completing the year strong and positioning yourself for an unstoppable 2024.

What if, though, you don't have the time right now to develop your campaigns? What if you require fast, sure change that results from tried-and-true marketing strategies?

One of the reasons Jimmy Mackin and I wrote the "$100k in 100 Days" playbook was because of this. Every text and email you send over the course of the following 100 days is already written for you inside. It is your comprehensive guide to the year's last three months.

Because these agents have demonstrated their dedication to success for themselves, the people they love, and the customers they represent, this plan is already available to coaching members. You'll notice the industry starting to encircle them over the next 100 days since the accountability has already been set in stone.