Everything About Slate Pavers

Everything About Slate Pavers

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The best thing about slate pavers is that they are durable, offer to buyers many options in terms of trying out new design options. It serve as the ideal material that we all want to pave our backyards, patios, driveways and swimming pool decks. Though the cost of slate floor tiles and slate pavers is slightly on the higher side. So many of its key characteristics make the cost factor negligible and hardly become a spot of bother for you.

Where are slate pavers used?

Slate pavers have various applications when it comes to the outdoors. The most common ones are patios, walkways, and landscaping. As mentioned above, slate offers buyers plenty of design options to experiment with. Such as letting people add a little green to their pavers and leave little gaps between them to allow grass to grow. These can also be treated as concrete with no room left for any other material in between each paver. Buyers must make sure that they are 100 percent committed to a certain design before they begin to install their slate pavers.
Some of the non-traditional uses of slate pavers include retaining walls, gardening bases for raised flowers and plants, dividing lines between plants and walkway designations.

What is the advantage of slate pavers?

However expensive might slate pavers be, at the end of the day. They do enough to justify their high price point with some highly unique benefits. Which only they can offer and no other stone can. To begin with, they are totally safe to install. Homeowners owning swimming pools generally opt for this because of its non-slippery nature. Next is, they are available in a wide array of colors. Some o these include gray, blue, light purple and dark shades of red and brown.

This means that there is a paver for everyone out there. Finally, the kind of design flexibility that they offer is simply incomparable. Most owners of homes follow irregular pavers because of the flair that they add to the design on their slate patio. These pavers are break into different shapes and pieces to fit smaller areas of a landscape as well.

How does one install slate pavers?

Installing slate pavers is not as complicated as other DIY projects generally are. But following this step by step guide will only make things easy and enjoyable to do so:

1 You begin by measuring the area for the pavers. If you happen to use irregular pavers, then you must make sure that you always leave extra space on the sides.
2 After that, you run a shovel or a spade around the edge of the pavers to mark the size and placement of each stone.
3 The third step would be to remove the pavers from their spots, after which the most obvious step is to remove a small amount of dirt from the desired paver location to ensure a uniformly spread flat and smooth ground.
4 The next step is to add a layer of sand above the dirt where you wish to place the pavers. So that it is level, after which the pavers place back in their desired spots. With some more sand on top and around each paver. This is generally done to keep the pavers in place.