Essential Instagram Advice For Real Estate Agents

Essential Instagram Advice For Real Estate Agents

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Every Real Estate professional should have a presence on a wide range of social media platforms. Instagram is a rapidly expanding social media platform that is increasingly being utilized in the real estate industry. Many agents are unaware of the fact that Instagram may be an extremely valuable tool for expanding their business, provided it is utilized in the correct manner. I extracted my top 10 methods of use from a recent article.
Let's condense the most effective Instagram advice for real estate brokers.

The real estate sector is primarily reliant on visual elements. The age-old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is especially true when it comes to selling properties. Instagram is the most effective tool for engaging with audiences through visual content in the era of social media. Providing Instagram advice to real estate agents can be challenging, as a significant amount of them lack knowledge about where to begin.

This article will provide you with crucial real estate Instagram recommendations that encompass everything from establishing your account to expanding your business.

However, let us begin by addressing a question that a significant number of agents are still inquiring about...


Does Instagram Benefit Real Estate Agents?

Indeed, the answer is affirmative, albeit contingent upon employing particular tactics. Instagram's emphasis on visual content enables real estate agents to create memorable impressions of properties. The platform's extensive utilization of location tagging, hashtags, and sharing functionalities facilitate an agent's ability to enhance visibility for their property listings, as well as their own brand. Given the fundamentally local nature of real estate, utilizing Instagram within a community context can facilitate the connection between brokers and prospective buyers and sellers within their specific geographical area.


Guide To Establishing A Real Estate Instagram Account

Setting up a business account on Instagram is a simple process, but it is important to approach it with caution and not rush into it without careful consideration. By utilizing this feature, you will be able to monitor and analyze data, enhance the visibility of your articles, and establish a more polished and refined image. If you possess an existing profile, you have the option to transform it into a business account.

It is important to have a distinct profile photo, ideally a professional headshot, and make sure that your bio concisely describes your identity, occupation, and how you can assist prospective clients. Include a hyperlink to your website or a dedicated landing page specifically created for directing Instagram users.


Strategies For Promoting Real Estate On Instagram

To effectively advertise real estate on Instagram, it is crucial to view it as more than just a standalone effort. It involves promoting your marketing strategies, showcasing your personal brand, and highlighting the property itself.

The coherence of your Instagram profile, which represents your brand, will have a greater impact than any individual post. The following are the items you desire individuals to promote on your webpage:

  • Listings
  • The caliber of your marketing
  • Your genuine character
  • Your level of understanding

The focus is not solely on the houses. Individuals desire to collaborate with a proficient expert who possesses extensive knowledge and is capable of successfully completing the task. However, they are significantly more inclined to partner with an individual whom they find agreeable and have confidence in.

Know, like, and trust are the key factors in this endeavor. Achieve that equilibrium and you will be in an advantageous position.


Strategies For Real Estate Agents To Optimize Instagram

Recently, I came across an article on Placeter that provided valuable insights on effective and ineffective practices for using Instagram in the real estate industry. I would like to share a few of these recommendations with you, and also include a couple of my own.

Avoid: Post your own photographs and videos. Your audience follows you to stay updated on your listings, gain insights from your thoughts, and see what your clients have to say about your firm. By sharing your personal photographs and videos, you highlight your genuineness and demonstrate to consumers that there is a genuine individual managing the account, rather than a corporate entity. By utilizing authentic photographs and videos, you may establish credibility and establish a strong connection with your clients and potential customers, thereby increasing the likelihood of successfully finalizing business transactions.

Observe an illustration of how one of our most successful clients, Tim Smith, is utilizing Instagram as a means to advertise his property listings.

Avoid: Utilizing or modifying pre-existing stock images. If you do not utilize aesthetically pleasing pictures and professionally produced video clips, then Instagram is not suitable for you. Additionally, the real estate industry may not be the appropriate field for you. This is a marketing game where your posts not only promote the home, but also showcase your expert marketing skills. Capture a few photographs of your listings intermittently to accumulate a collection of visual marketing assets. Avoid utilizing stock photographs. Your audience has a keen ability to quickly identify stock photos, which can discourage them from interacting with your material, as it is not perceived as authentic.

Avoid: Removing the genuineness from your listing videos. While it is possible to correct poor lighting, it is advisable to refrain from employing several filters. The objective is to showcase the residence in its current state. It is undesirable for a prospective buyer to arrive at your property and fail to identify it due to significant discrepancies between the online representation and the actual residence. Continuously maintain honesty, particularly while sharing the pictures you upload. However, it must be acknowledged...

Avoid: Utilize artificial intelligence to optimize and improve your content. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a cutting-edge technology that will play a crucial role in shaping the future. This is a momentous occasion, comparable to the emergence of social media or even the internet. If you desire to stay at the forefront of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) may assist you in various tasks, like generating video thumbnails, editing films, stabilizing footage, enhancing audio quality, including voice-overs, and much more.

One of the reasons why AI Marketing Academy with Jason Pantana is popular is because it enables agents to acquire marketing expertise without the need for extensive skill development or significant financial investment. However, it should be noted...

Avoid: Dependence on AI Generated Content. Keep in mind that authenticity is of utmost importance. What is the purpose of displaying something that has any authenticity?

Avoid: Engage previous clients to partake in testimonial videos. An effective strategy for utilizing Instagram in the real estate industry is to showcase to your followers the successful outcomes you have achieved for individuals facing comparable circumstances. Obtaining testimonials from past consumers is a highly effective tactic for establishing trust and demonstrating professionalism. The majority of clients would likely be willing to provide a brief 15-second testimonial highlighting their positive experiences with your firm. Feel free to inquire without hesitation!

Avoid: Excessive use of hashtags, especially those that are irrelevant. Maintain a sophisticated and elegant demeanor. Excessive use of hashtags is considered one of the most common errors in social media usage. An extensive array of hashtags can be perceived as spam and detract from the main message of the post. While it is possible to gain a few additional followers, there is a potential danger of losing the ones you truly desire and replace them with random individuals. Limit yourself to a select number of pertinent and widely-used hashtags. Instagram implemented a restriction of 30 hashtags to discourage excessive usage.

Enable automatic sharing of the majority of photographs to Facebook and Twitter. While it is not necessary to share every picture or video on every site, it is generally advisable to do so for the majority of them. At the moment of posting, you have the option to conveniently choose the specific social media platforms on which you wish to share your photos and videos.

Display your individuality. Displaying your playful nature is acceptable, but it is crucial to use restraint and discernment in determining the appropriate timing for sharing such information. Sharing a photograph of your company's yearly summer BBQ or a self-portrait with previous clientele can greatly enhance your reputation. Ensure that these photographs are relevant to your daily activities.

Do not abandon your account! It requires a significant amount of time. Developing a substantial following on Instagram requires a significant investment of time. Do not become disheartened if it is taking a considerable amount of time to acquire followers. However, if your progress has truly come to a halt, it might be advisable to alter your approach and implement the advice we have provided. Over time, you will discover the specific types of posts, hashtags, and posting frequency that will attract the audience you desire.

Take a more focused approach to your social media marketing efforts.
This is the significant one... To effectively leverage your real estate Instagram account for business growth, it is imperative to adopt a more dedicated approach. A single blog article will not establish you as the influential agent in your market. Significant outcomes arise from well-thought-out strategies, which necessitate unwavering commitment.

However, it is not necessary for it to be time-consuming... You can get all the necessary items inside a single day. However, it is essential for you to venture beyond your own territory and actively seek assistance from others who possess the necessary knowledge and expertise.

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