Designing a Small yet Practical Bachelor Apartment

Designing a Small yet Practical Bachelor Apartment

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Are you moving into your first apartment and want to make it uniquely your own even if it’s small and crowded? Well, don’t worry. There are plenty of practical design tips that will help you design a practical and elegant space no matter the square footage. Here’s how to decorate your bachelor apartment and impress everyone who steps into your space.

Keep your colors simple

If this is your first contact with decorating, you want to play it safe, especially with colors. Neutrals are always a good choice for a bachelor pad since they give off an elegant yet relaxing vibe. Bright neutral colors like white, beige and greige also reflect the light. The open up the space which makes even the smallest of rooms look and feel large and airy. Of course, if you need a splash of fun, you can bring it into your space with art and various fabrics. Though pillows are not feminine and yes, you definitely need a few.

Spice things up with leather

Leather is one of those timeless, elegant and masculine materials, so it will fit into your bachelor pad perfectly. To do leather right in your space, go for something bold. A (knock-off) Eames lounge chair or a leather-covered side table will not take too much space, but they will leave a great impression. Resting in your leather lounger with a glass of whiskey in your hand will make you feel like you’re a regular in Mad Men.

Display your art and interests

Just because your space is tiny, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any room for your interests. After all, if you get a visitor, your art and collections will serve as great conversations starters and tell more about your personality. If you’re leaning towards minimalism, you can display a few most important art pieces or collection pieces. But if you’re fine with a little bit of organized clutter, you can go all-in with a gallery wall.

Play with lighting

Don’t be that guy that only has one bare light bulb hanging from his ceiling and that’s it. When you bring a lady over, you want to make her feel comfortable. As well as set up a cozy, warm and romantic atmosphere. So, make sure to be creative with lighting and provide plenty of different light sources. Ceiling lights are a must, but you can spice things up with a statement floor lamp or create a symmetrical design with two table lamps. If you’re proud of your art and decoration, you can even invest in some display lighting that will make your decoration pop.

Make space for your rides

No matter if you’re a cyclist, a motorcyclist or love to scoot, you need some space for your toys. You don’t want to leave them outside or keep them in your hallway so everyone can trip over them. Your bike and scooter can make very interesting wall decorations if you mount them that way. If you want something more practical, get a bike rack (suitable for storing helmets too).

Provide plenty of storage

If you’re not thrilled about cleaning and tidying up every day, you need to have plenty of storage in your apartment. Think some shelving in the living room, cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen and a large closet in your bedroom. You also need some nightstands to hide those toys from the adult shop haul. Since you don’t want to freak out your special friend or your mom when she comes to visit. Keeping everything safely hidden in your storage will allow you to keep your space clean. Moreover, tidy for longer and leave a great impression.

Create a fun-and-games corner

Your bachelor pad should serve you to the fullest. And since you’re single and ready to have a lot of fun, you need to create gaming and entertainment corner. If your space is really small, you can just invest in a good TV console so you can place all your gaming devices, gadgets and sound equipment around it. However, if you have a corner to spare, feel free to introduce a poker table or a set up a home bar. When your friends come over, they will love your fun apartment and you’ll be the star of every party.

No space, no problem! Use these practical design tricks and tips and you’ll have a perfect bachelor apartment that will impress your visitors and provide you with all the comfort you need. Smith