Decorating a Rental: Inspiring Nursery Ideas for Renters

Decorating a Rental: Inspiring Nursery Ideas for Renters

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Creating a warm and inviting nursery for their baby is one of the things every mother gets excited about. However, things tend to be a little more challenging when you’re renting an apartment. Since decorating a rental means there will be some limitations in terms of design. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome time creating the perfect place for your little one. If you’re a mom-to-be who is looking for a way to design a beautiful nursery without breaking the deal with your landlord. Here are some of the ways you can do just that. Read on to get inspired!

Decide on the theme for your nursery

When it comes to designing nurseries, the best place to start is to choose a theme for your nursery. One of the notable trends that emerged over the past couple of years is designing gender-neutral themed nurseries. As a great way for parents to save some money on decor and furnishings. Which they can later reuse when they welcome their next child. Woodland, safari, or nautical – any of these themes will suit both genders. Without having to use stereotypical colors associated with genders, such as pink hues for girls and blue shades for boys. Instead of color, center the design of your nursery around a theme, slowly adding the details like pieces of a puzzle.

Use removable wallpaper to create an accent wall

When you’re decorating a rental property, it usually means you can’t really paint any walls or even hang a picture for that matter. Although it’s a renovation idea you could technically get away with. There are far easier, less smelly, and less messy alternatives to painting. Decorating a rental calls for some creative thinking, and a clever way to transform the walls of your rental is to add wallpapers. Easy to apply as they’re to remove, wallpapers are an effective decorating tool that opens up a wide range of possibilities style-wise. Accent walls are easily created by adding wallpaper.

Which can be easily removed when you decide to move to another place, without leaving any marks or traces. Some mothers also use decals to achieve a similar effect. While others decide to showcase their creativity and choose to use washi tape to create small. But heartful works of art on their walls.

Get stylish furnishings that are simple in design

It is every mother’s dream to design the perfect nursery for her little one. In order to do that. You’ll first need to decide on the starting point which you’ll use as orientation for choosing everything else. A crib for your baby is the bulkiest piece of furniture you’ll add to your nursery, so be sure to put it high on your priority list. Once you find the most perfect, gorgeous baby cot for your bundle of joy, the next nursery must-have you should get is a changing table. Now, many companies offer baby cots and changing tables as a set, so you can look for those in order to create a sense of cohesiveness. Last but not least, you should add some type of seating such as rocking chair, and of course. Lots and lots of storage for putting away all your baby’s clothing, toys, and other necessities.

Vary the textures and patterns in the nursery

Designing an appealing nursery is all about paying attention to details. And in order to create a nursery that looks dynamic and has some visual interest to it. You’ll need to introduce a variety of textures. Dress your floor with a chic and cozy carpet or a sheepskin rug as a way of defining the area and adding interest to a room that looks flat. While adding a tufted armchair will provide support to your back while you’re nursing, as well as up the style factor of your nursery. Patterns are another useful decor element you can use to break the monotony of monochromatic nurseries. Especially the ones that match the overall theme of the room and complement the room’s color scheme.

Although it does require some additional effort and work, decorating a rental nursery can be an exciting process. Test some of the tips above and use them as an inspiration to design a space that oozes with warmth, comfort, and positive vibes, while also being stylish and chic at the same time.


By Chloe Taylor