Common Home Repairs You Can DIY

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Home repairs can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t t know how to fix them. However, you can perform many common home repairs without calling a professional.

We have compiled a list of common functional and cosmetic home repairs and how to fix them step-by-step.

Functional home repairs

The functional repairs are the ones you can’t ignore. A broken toilet lever or a noisy cabinet door can affect the quality of your life. Here are some repairs that you can fix yourself.

Fix toilet lever

The toilet lever often breaks. If pushing the lever doesn’t flush the toilet, you can open the water tank and put the chain back in place. In some cases, the handle itself may corrode or one of the parts connecting the handle to the heat sink may damage. In this case, you will need to repair the adjustable wrench or replace the toilet handle kit if it’s broken.

Fix garbage disposable

Fixing a garbage disposable can overwhelm and scare you with those hidden blades and loud noises, but it’s easy to clean it up. You will need a flashlight, Allen wrench, and a pair of pliers. Usually, by turning the processing blade with an Allen wrench, you can remove the residue and restart the shredder. Larger, more complex operations may require a garbage disposable wrench.

Fix noisy cabinet doors

That banging sound of cabinet doors can bother you and your visitors. You can fix them by sticking door bumpers on the door corners. There are many peel and stick door and drawer bumpers available in the market. Make sure to clean the back of the door before sticking the bumpers, one each to the top and bottom corner.

Cosmetic home repairs

Cosmetic home repairs improve the aesthetics of your home. Unlike functional issues, cosmetic damages don’t affect your quality of life.  You can fix odour, unattractive paint, smelly carpet, dirty mirror, or poor lighting with DIY home improvement. Read on how to fix some common cosmetic home issues.

Change the paint

When trying to sell your home, the loud green colour of your walls may not attract buyers. You can give a quick makeover to your home by changing the paint to a bright neutral colour.

Replace poor lighting

Everyone loves a well-lit home. If your home has poor lighting, you can fix the CFLs and LED lights to ensure adequate illumination and brightness. 

Get rid of foul smells.

It may be difficult for you to spot a bad smell in your home. But, for a visitor, it can create the first impression. You may have a dirty old carpet or smell of tobacco in your home. Provide adequate ventilation, clean the carpet, and sanitize every corner of the house to create a comfortable, fresh feeling.


Many common home repairs require your attention. However, you don’t have to worry about most of them. You can fix them with a few basic tools. If you find the task difficult, call a technician.

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