7 Tips on a Period Home Renovation

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Renovating a period home can be a challenge for many homeowners. You may want to convert it into a modern abode without losing its vintage charm. Keeping this balance is tricky but achievable.

In this article, we are going to give you 7 tips to renovate your period homes without hampering its historic value.

Check if your period home is heritage-listed

Before planning the renovation, check your home’s heritage listing. The renovation of listed houses requires compliance with various regulations of the council. You may not be allowed to change your home in your way without the required approvals.

Define your objective

It is important to define your objective behind your period home renovation. Why do you want to renovate your period home? Do you want to change the structure or the décor? Are you going to stay in the house or sell it? How much would you spend on renovations?

You must be very clear about your goals before you start renovating your historic home. Here are some home repairs that you can DIY. However, renovations require time and money. So plan it properly.

Hire a professional

Renovating a period home isn’t easy. They are old structures with hidden protrusions. Hire an experienced, professional decorator or architect to guide you through the renovation process. If your historic home is on the heritage list, a good heritage advisor will help you with the designs and liaise with the local council on your behalf.

Prioritise structural and functional renovations

Don’t be tempted to paint the house pastel colours and move in. Most period homes need structural touch-ups. Get the property inspected by a professional and begin with fixing issues like wall cracks and replumbing. Learn more about the stages of a building inspection.

Blend the new with the old

Converting your historic home into a brand new modern home can be expensive and stressful. It also robs the house of classic charm and historical value. Do not go overboard with the new modern materials and combine them with the old ones. For example, you can use heritage paint and wallpaper to renovate the walls. Keep the original feeling and give your home a fresh new look. You can also use traditional materials like brass, iron, and natural stone in your new designs to give your home a modern yet classic look.

Don’t skip the garden

When planning renovations, we rarely think of gardens. The garden is an extension that has a significant impact on the appearance of a house. Depending on your choice of home renovation: traditional or modern, you should combine the garden. Contemporary homes usually have big gardens; Use the space optimally.

Don’t over modernise

Period architecture and designs have a quintessential appeal. The classic Victorian structure and the federation style homes are greatly admired. While you can add an extension to your old property, don’t replace every heritage finishing with a modern one. A period home renovation should preserve the classic features of the property.

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