5 Simple Steps to Effectively Declutter Your Home Before Moving

5 Simple Steps to Effectively Declutter Your Home Before Moving

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Decluttering is an essential part of moving to a new home. It gives you the chance to thoroughly inspect your belongings. Futhermore, decide on the things that are worth keeping and those that are not. Although it’s an energy-draining process. It helps reduce the costs of transportation while also reducing the time you’ll need for packing all your belongings. Let’s take a look at five different ways to effectively declutter your home before moving.


Mentally prepare for the process

Before you tackle the things in physical form, you need to sort them out in your head. Consider making a list of things that you are planning on getting rid of. Think of that list as a basic plan for the process of decluttering. Design the plan as you deem fit – it can be as detailed as you want, or it can be simple and to the point. You can choose to either list all the rooms in your house and tackle them step by step. Or start small and tackle the drawers and closets first. The main idea is to create a guide that will set the stage for the actual process and help you declutter more effectively.

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Start by taking everything out

Once you’ve decided on the plan of action, it is time to put it to work. Whether you chose to take baby steps and start with drawers. Additionally, are more motivated and want to work one room at a time, the process is the same. Start by taking everything out. That means emptying all the containers, taking all your clothes out of the wardrobe, and purge your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Go through all of your belongings, one at a time. By decluttering smaller spaces, you will gain a sense of accomplishment. Which will, in turn, keep you motivated to continue the purge and move on with the process more quickly.

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Try to keep things as organised as possible

Homeowners who move a lot know how messy your things can get if you don’t keep track of them. Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like the commercial packaging. And would rather have your favorite products in containers that match your idea of aesthetics. Many of us don’t really take the time to label, organise, or even separate our things into categories before the move, and what we’re left with is a mess that takes a long time to sort out. Do yourself a favor and save some time by using custom labels – with them, you can easily organise a variety of products ranging from herbs and spices to laundry and bathroom accessories. That way, you won’t mix your hand wash with your hand cream ever again.

Use the three-box decluttering trick

When decluttering your home, the most effective way to sort your belongings is to split them into three categories. Box number one will contain all the things that you want to keep. As you go through your belongings, bring the box with you to place all the items you know you will use. The second box will be used for storing the items that you are willing to either gift, donate, or sell. It would be a shame to let all the things that are in good working condition go to waste, so why not let someone else put them to good use? The last box is the box number three which you’re going to fill in with things you have no use of and that are beyond repair or usability.

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Find ways to motivate yourself

To provide yourself with proper motivation, it would be best if you’d first try to understand why you are doing it in the first place. Decluttering translates to lower transportation costs since the moving company checks how much your things weigh before a service charge. Since decluttering helps reduce the number of items for transport, you’ll also be saving a lot of time packing. Last but not least, selling some of your items will help you pocket some cash from the yard sale, which will pour into your moving budget. When you think about it, it’s a win-win situation – you’ll get rid of some usable things you’re not taking with you while also profiting from the whole decluttering process.

Moving to a new home is both an exciting and exhausting process. By using the tips above, you can effectively declutter your home and make the moving process run more smoothly.

By Mike Johnston