5 Money-Saving Real Estate Tax Breaks Agents Might Miss

5 Money-Saving Real Estate Tax Breaks Agents Might Miss

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Many real estate agents start scurrying to spend money in order to claim some much-needed real estate tax deductions.

Even when purchased in bulk, Post-It Notes and other office supplies will not make a significant impact in real estate tax write-offs.

So, here are five intelligent big-ticket items to consider that will propel your life and business forward while lowering your tax burden.

Before we begin, I'd like to thank Toby Mathis, a partner at Anderson Advisors, for his assistance in ensuring the accuracy of this blog as of press time. Because tax regulations change on a regular basis, we strongly advise you to consult Toby or your tax professional before acting on this material.


Real Estate Tax Deductions

Real Estate Mentoring

Having a coach on your side can help you stay disciplined, focused on what matters most, and on track to meet your objectives.

If you've ever wondered, "Is real estate coaching a tax write-off?" the answer is yes! Every penny of your coaching investment can be deducted from your income in the form of real estate taxes.

A dedicated coach is not inexpensive, but the top coaching businesses back up their services with some sort of performance guarantee to push your business to the "next level."


Health Coverage

Health insurance is one of the most expensive expenses for any individual or family, and as an independent real estate agent, you are unlikely to have access to a company plan that will save you money.

However, as a self-employed independent contractor, you can deduct the cost of your health insurance as a tax deduction!

As long as you haven't opted out of an employer-sponsored plan, you should be able to take advantage of the tax break.


Advantage In Sales And Marketing

Professional And Legal Services

As a business owner, you have many jobs that you COULD perform alone, but you'd be better off delegating to a true professional. (In the same way that you would encourage a homeowner not to go FSBO.)

Fortunately, many of these services are tax-deductible!

I'm referring to your accountant, attorney, business consultant, financial advisor, and other professionals.

If you use these services, make sure to take advantage of the tax write-offs for what you pay for them.


Marketing Costs

Have you ever performed a marketing audit on all of the marketing materials you use? All you have to do is set everything out in front of you (don't forget to print some of your internet ads and social media postings) and ask yourself one question:

Is this all coming together? Is my branding a complete disaster?

The point is that many real estate brokers never take the time to have professional brand marketing materials prepared for them.

However, guess what? If you do, you can deduct the expense.

If your marketing audit raises more issues than it answers, you might consider hiring a personal branding expert to help you achieve some much-needed consistency.

Perhaps it's time to order more yard signs or drop-by gifts as a last-minute effort to boost your write-offs.


Courses And Training Events

The top agents are constantly adding to their toolkits, growing their knowledge base, and committing time to work "on" their business rather than working "in" it on a daily basis.

However, learning does not occur in a vacuum. You must actively seek out learning opportunities. Attending effective training events and investing in online training programs are two tax-deductible methods to stay educated and grow.

How many training events do you plan to attend over the next 12 months? What courses do you need to take to improve your abilities and expand your business?

This blog should have given you some food for thought on real estate tax write-offs. As previously stated, while this advice is thought to be correct as of press time, tax law fluctuates from year to year and state to state, therefore we recommend that you consult with your tax professional before taking any action.