What is the Role of a Pool Safety Inspector?

What is the Role of a Pool Safety Inspector?

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A pool safety certificate can only be issued by a pool safety inspector or a building inspector. And is a must for every pool owner. However, the pool rules may vary in different states. A pool safety certificate is a must in Queensland. It is required in several conditions, like when renting, leasing, or having a share pool and selling the pool. This certificate is only issue after close inspection and approval from a license pool inspector in Queensland.

A pool certificate on the Gold Coast is issued valid for a fixe duration. However, it is unnecessary to renew the certificate except for the pool owner planning on either selling or leasing the property. This article goes on to explain the role of the safety inspector.  Below, we explain the role of a pool safety inspector.

Essential Facts on Pool Safety Inspectors in Gold Coast

  • The pool owners must adhere to the set safety standards to ensure the pool’s e pool’s absolutely safe.
  • Pool safety is more than preventing slips and falls. It is also about ensuring the pool is not a health hazard and meets the safety guidelines.
  • The safety standards affect the construction of the pool and maintenance like water replacement, installation of fences, ladders, pool alarms, etc.
  • Some of the standard measures necessary to ensure pool safety include fencing, ladders, pool alarms, and other such tools.

Role of the Safety Inspector

A pool safety inspector is someone who is qualified for swimming pool safety inspections and spots any safety issues. They are the people who issue the safety certificate. Mentioned here is the role of pool safety inspector:

  • A pool safety inspector plays the role of inspecting your pool to ensure it complies with the necessary safety standards.
  • If the pool fails to meet the high safety standards. They can issue a nonconformity notice or request several repairs.  Moreover, they can also help with several minor safety corrections themselves.
  • They can also reinspect the pool after all the recommend corrections have been made to ensure it is all set.
  • A pool safety inspector is the best person when it comes to providing advice pertaining to the safety of a pool, fence or barrier.
  • The need to ensure that the pool complies with all the current rules and regulation without any exceptions.
  • It is necessary for the pool inspector to gather all the information about the safety of the pool. It is also essential for the inspector to be aware of the building plans and consents. Code compliance, and exceptions granted if any.
  • Their job is also to test the compliance and functionality of the pool barriers, gates, doors, windows, locks as well as latches.
  • It is also their job to inspect the pool’s surrounding area. Including safety from direct access, climbing points, and another access issue.
  • Suppose the pool is found to be not safe for use even after a suggestion for improvements. In that case, the inspector must issue a notice to the territorial authority as soon as possible.

It is necessary to have your pool inspect as mention in this article,. Also, a safety inspector can help with this process. Besides performing the inspection they can also carry out minor repair work to ensure the pool meets the necessary safety standards. For significant issues with the collection, they can recommend what needs to be fixed. And the pool owner can hire experts to have it fixing. An inspection will usually not take more than two hours and their report is generate within 2 to 3 days. Pool owners will have up to 90 days to fix their pool if it is found unsafe.

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