Tips on Staging your Home before Sale

Tips on Staging your Home before Sale

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Home staging is a personal choice and usually not defined by rules. However, it can be the most important investment you make before selling your home. Staging your home can make selling your home quicker and easier.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips on staging your home without spending a lot of money.

What is home staging?

Staging is the process of renovating your home to bring out its most impressive features to attract buyers. The staging aims to enable buyers to imagine living in your home. To do this, you may need to tidy and clean the rooms, remove odours, replace worn-out furniture, and remove your personal belongings from the house.

Why is home staging important?

Nobody likes a dull and worn-out structure. Buyers are looking for a home that suits their lifestyle and makes their dreams come true. They don't want to move into a house with problems. Your potential buyers can negotiate with you about any issue they find in the home. Hence, the staging can help you attract buyers and convince them to pay the highest possible price for the house.

Tips on staging your home


Get rid of the things you no longer need and box up those not required on a day to day basis. Declutter can make your home look spacious and clean and display the important features of the house to grab the buyers' attention.


Clean every corner of the house. Your buyers should feel refreshed upon entering your home. A clean home gives your buyers the impression that the structure is well maintained. Make sure your kitchen appliances are spotless and bathroom tiles are sparkling.


Now that you are selling your home, focus on what your buyers want to see in it. Remove your personal belongings from the room. Clear the walls of your picture frames, store your clothes in the closet, and clean the bathroom countertops of your personal belongings. Losing sight of your favourite things can be overwhelming, but it makes a good impression on buyers and helps them view the property as their own.

Fix damages

Buyers pay attention to every detail when inspecting a home. So don't ignore holes, scratches, peeling paint and damaged faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. Fix these issues before showing your home to potential buyers. Repaint the walls to give your home a fresh look. Choose a neutral colour as bright colours may not attract many buyers. Read here about choosing the right paint for your home.

Light up

Good lighting can add to the beauty of your home. More lights can make space look bigger. Open the blinds on all the windows and let the natural light come into the house. Turn on all the lights in your home when showing them to your buyers. They will feel more welcome.

Rearrange the furniture

Remove extra furniture and arrange the important ones to allow free movement for your buyers. Let them focus less on your furniture and imagine their own in the space. It can help them attach emotionally to your home.


It may not be easy for you to come up with staging ideas before selling your home. A good stager or a realtor can help you in staging within your budget and create a great first impression of your home.


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