Tips on Staging the Master Bedroom Before Selling your Home

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The master bedroom is the first thing buyers want to see in a home. Why not? It is where people end up after a hard day to relax and rejuvenate. Thus, staging your master bedroom before selling your home is crucial.

Your warm and cosy custom bedroom may not appeal to all buyers. They may be looking for spacious, quiet, and tidy spaces. To create this impression, the staging of your bedroom is therefore important.

Read on for some easy and budget-friendly bedroom staging tips.

Keep the bedroom simple

A bedroom shouldn’t resemble a living room. Keep only a bed, dresser, and bedside tables in your bedroom. Remove any extra furniture and televisions that you may have added for your comfort.  If you have a large master bedroom with a seating area, place not more than two chairs in it. The idea is to keep ample walking space for visitors.


Remove all family photographs, stuff toys, souvenirs, and other personal items from your bedroom. Keep your makeup and personal care items in the dresser. Your buyers should be able to imagine living in your bedroom as soon as they walk into it.

Replace worn-out furniture and furnishings

Any broken or worn-out piece of furniture will give an image of a poorly maintained house. The buyers may negotiate with you for new furniture and furnishings. Remove old bed, dresser, bed and window linen and worn out carpets. Either replace them with new ones or just don’t keep them in your bedroom. Click here to know more about different types of beds. Replace the bed linen with soft neutral colours. Work on a luxury hotel look.

Paint the room

Dark and bold colours in your bedroom can make it look small and dull. Change the paint to neutral colours. Soft blue, lavender or green tones are considered calm and serene. However, you can choose a toned-down version of your favourite colour to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Clean the room

You can have the best paint, bed and plants in the room, but if they are not clean, the bed isn’t made, and the room looks shabby, your buyers will reject your home. Ensure that the room is clean, windows are spotless, and the bed is made before visitors step in.

Add some plants

Bring one of your favourite plants from your garden into your room. A plant on a nightstand or a fig tree in the corner can add freshness and make the room lively. Also, allow more natural light to come into your bedroom.


The goal of staging your bedroom is to make buyers feel like sleeping in your room. It may not be easy for you to come up with bedroom staging ideas before selling your home. A good stager or a realtor can help you decorate your bedroom within your budget and create a great first impression of your home.