Tips on Pool Renovations

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A well-made and maintained swimming pool not only refreshes you in the summers but also has a significant impact on the beauty of your home. However, swimming pool maintenance and pool repairs doesn’t always find a place in your busy schedule.

In this article, we’re going to list some simple pool renovation tips that won’t take long.

Have your pool inspected

It may not be easy for you to determine repairs and damages to your pool. Swimming pool builders can thoroughly check the swimming pool for leaks and other functional issues and advise you on renovations.

Set a budget

Prepare a realistic budget for your pool renovations. Without proper planning and budgeting, you might be investing poorly without adding any value to your pool.

Set your priority

Decide whether you want to spend on the swimming pool designs or repairs. Prioritise functional repairs such as leaks, wear and tear, and a defective water heating system over cosmetic repairs such as pool fountain or the ambient lighting.

Once you have fixed the functional pool repairs, you can enhance the beauty of your pool according to your budget.

Here are some cool swimming pool designs ideas

Upgrade your pool fence

An outdated fence can steal the swimming pool’s beauty. You can improve your swimming pool design by remodelling your pool fencing. For safety reasons, you should also consider a sturdy pool fence, especially if you have children who plan to jump into the pool frequently.

However, before upgrading or changing the pool’s fence, check local regulations and meet their measurement standards.

Customise pool tiles

Tiles add a significant aesthetic appeal to your pool. You can choose from many tile designs and style to match the shape and size of your pool. If you enjoy swimming at night, we recommend using tiles that glow in the dark to make you feel like floating in a galaxy of stars. Here are some tips for choosing the right swimming pool tiles. Whichever tile design you choose, make sure they are of the highest quality to prevent leaks.

Add a spa

A great way to remodel your in-ground pool is to add a spa. It can help you relieve stress and rejuvenate. The attached spa can use the existing water circulation system in the swimming pool.

Create sun shelf

Sun shelf is a raised floor in the pool, especially useful for people and children who cannot swim. They can sit on the sun shelf and enjoy the water in the pool. You can also set up sun loungers for adults and children to relax in the pool without going into deep water.

Add Lighting

Lighting can make your swimming pool look beautiful, especially at night. Add glowing lights to enhance the poolside.


Swimming pool renovations requires expertise. We recommend you consult professional swimming pool builders and discuss the pool designs with them before starting to renovate the pool.

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