Tips on How to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

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In this day and age when the cities get bigger and apartments get smaller, we all need to learn a few foolproof ways to make our living spaces appear loftier. This way, we can live more comfortably without spending too much money on rent and bills in a bigger apartment. If you never tried any of the do-it-yourself methods to make life between four walls “larger”, here are some simple tips on how to make a small space feel bigger.

Less is more

Clutter amasses in every living space. It’s almost a natural law. As the new stuff, books, magazines, items and insignificant paraphernalia pile up, your space will begin to feel more claustrophobic and downright suffocating. The first tip on how to make your small space feel bigger is quite simple – get rid of all the clutter. At the end of the day, less is more, and it will become painfully evident when you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff and clean up the surfaces – the space begins to breathe and the apartment begins to feel significantly larger.

Throw out the extra furniture and streamline

In all honesty, there are a lot of pieces of furniture you are not using. More often than not, it just stands there almost as a decorative item. You know the old saying – kill your darlings. Take the useless furniture out and leave the bigger models. This might sound like a counterintuitive advice, but the rules of interior design prove otherwise – fewer pieces of furniture that look bulkier actually make the space look significantly larger than it is. Furthermore, streamline the setup of your furniture and create an “aisle” along the longest wall of your living space. This way, you will have a good overview of your entire apartment and it will definitely feel bigger.

Doors are your enemy

Unless we’re talking about the entrance, bathroom and (optionally) terrace door, it will only serve as an obstacle that kills space. Take the doors off and let the air course through your household. However, if some sort of door is necessary to halt the spreading of smells from, for example, the kitchen, you can go with space-friendly cedar frame bi-fold doors from Sydney. Their glass windows on the bi-fold doors will let the light shine through and make the space flow appear seamless – an issue that brings us to the next tip…

Let the light come in

There is just so much you can do in regards to making your small space feel bigger if you just pull up the blinds. Windows are your biggest allies, and if you keep them exposed and clean. You will have an apartment that looks both larger and more tasteful. Of course, natural light only gets in for half a day. If you can, add more artificial light sources, preferably the wall lamps. To the corners of your household for maximum effect. Replace useless memorabilia on your shelves with beautiful lamps and pots of cacti and other small greenery. This aesthetic change of pace goes a long way.

Go bright with colors

Likewise, bright colors also help bring out the best out of your space. Soft and light nuances are pleasing to the eyes, and if you choose warmer hues. You are bound to end up with an apartment that looks both airy and open in spite of its size. However, even if you opt for the good old white color of walls. You won’t be sorry, especially if you keep the wall space busy with shelves. That can replace cupboards which would otherwise take up that precious square space. Just make sure that, whichever bright hue you choose. It meshes well with the overall prevalent color of your apartment.

Living in a small apartment has its perks – maintenance is much easier and everything is just within your reach. Not only that, but if you really put your effort in it, it can also look downright beautiful. With these tips on how to make a small space feel bigger, you’ll feel like you’re doing the exact opposite of downsizing. Even a studio apartment can appear lofty with the right stylistic choices.


By Diana Smith