The Key Benefits of Double Glazed Windows and Doors

The Key Benefits of Double Glazed Windows and Doors

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Apart from the walls of your house, doors and windows are the only other thing that’s shielding you from the outdoor elements. Which means that you should try to find the best possible solutions and treatments when
installing them. However, if you feel that your windows and doors are not doing their job as they should. know that you can always replace them. Replacing these two can be a bit pricey, but you can also benefit a lot
from it. Double glazed windows and doors are not only an extremely popular solution. But they also bring numerous benefits. Below is a list of perks and reasons why you should consider replacing your existing windows. Additionally, the doors with a double glazed alternative as soon as possible.

What is double glazing?

The term double glazing (or double-panel) stands for the use of two panels of glass instead of just one in doors and windows. These panels are usually separated by vacuum or gas, which acts as an additional insulator. Also, the thickness of these panels can range from 3 to 10 mm, depending on your needs. Laminated glass is also commonly used for this type of windows and doors because it offers additional safety. This type of glass is usually more difficult to break. Even if it gets broken, it stays in place thanks to a vinyl treatment that’s usually applied to the inner side of the glass.

Insulation properties

We’ve already mentioned that double glazed alternatives work as additional insulators, but let’s see what that actually means.

Sound insulation

First of all, the two-panel alternatives are excellent noise insulators. They reduce the amount of noise by 20 to 77 percent. Depending on the thickness of glass and the type of glazing you choose. This is an excellent
choice if you live in urban areas. Because, as soon as you close the door (or window), you’ll be able to relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

Damage reduction

If you live in an area that has a lot of sunny days, such as Australia for example, you know just how much damage sun rays can cause. Faded furniture and upholstery, and cracked lacquer are just some of the examples of the negative effects of UV rays. That’s why having double glazing installed in Melbourne became such a huge hit. Aside from all the other benefits. Here, tinted glass is probably the best way to go as it will provide additional protection and reduce the penetration of UV rays.

Thermal insulation

Double-panel windows and doors will also reduce the amount of heat that enters/escapes your home. The best option here is to go with double glazed fixtures that contain components made of low thermal conductors . The treatments with the highest energy rating contain Low E glass, argon gas (between the two panes) and aluminium. Therefore, investing in these will not only make your property more enjoyable to live in, but it will
also reduce your heating/cooling bill, thus making your home more energy efficient.

Condensation reduction

These doors and windows are also an excellent choice for people suffering from respiratory allergies as they significantly reduce condensation. This is also a feature that makes them stand out as condensation, or rather
moisture, can cause a lot of damage to your window and door frames, and walls. Moist areas are also a perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew, which are the most common household allergens. So, not only will you be making your home quieter and more energy-efficient, but you’ll also be protecting the health of your family.

Aside from all the benefits listed above, know that home buyers tend to favour houses with this type of window and door treatment because it significantly reduces the property’s carbon footprint, which automatically
increases the value of your property.

By Lillian Connors