How to tell if a house is the right fit for you

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There are many different technical requirements when it comes to buying a new house. However, aside from the overall functionality of the potential house, there are other factors that can help you realize you’ve actually found your perfect home. Essentially, listen to your gut and see what it tells you.

It feels like home

One of the biggest signs that you managed to find the right house is the cozy, homey and almost nostalgic feeling when you’re inside. In general, you perceive the whole place and every room like a start of something personal and beautiful, that you can call your own. On some occasions, you may even feel like the house flaws that the agent mentions are not flaws at all, and that the house is perfect for what you have envisioned. Actually, it may be even more than what you thought was perfect before.

You start organizing furniture in your mind

Some people try to do this with every house on the market that they visit. In a way, it is an interesting tactic that can help you decide whether the house is right for you or not. However, regardless of whether you have done this before or not, once you get to inspect the house that’s truly perfect for you and your needs, you’ll start imagining the layout and organizing furniture and other details almost instinctively, and the whole process will feel completely natural for the space you have before your eyes.

The bathroom feels perfectly fine

Majority of people that are visiting a new house for sale feel a bit funny and squeamish about the bathroom. After all, this is not their bathroom or personal space. However, if the bathroom at the house you’re taking a look at feels completely fine, the chances are that this particular house is somehow special in your mind’s eye. Not to mention the urge you may get to fully inspect the bathroom, take a look at the bath/shower, and imagine what it would look like if you were using it. Since this is one of the biggest deal breakers for house hunters, finding that a bathroom makes you feel comfortable should definitely be a serious factor in your final decision.

You are already planning décor projects

Another clear sign that the house is somewhat special and different from all the others you’ve seen is your need to start planning future design and decor projects. Of course, there’s nothing quite like having professional project home builders design a house that’s 100% your ideal vision of a perfect home, but not everyone really wants or knows how to deal with the whole building and design plans. If you’re one of the people who would rather have a base to work with, and you stumble upon a house on the market that you actually want to decorate and design in order to match it to your style and tastes, this is probably it. If you feel great joy imagining the rooms in different colors or with different wallpaper, or even different lighting solutions, you should take it as a clear sign that you truly like this place.

You’re not interested in other houses anymore

Finally, there’s no better way to tell if the house you’ve just seen is right for you than the fact that you don’t really feel like taking a look at any other available houses. It may feel like a futile or pointless endeavor because your gut is telling you that there’s nothing better waiting for you than what you’ve already found. You may even get all anxious that you’d risk losing the house if you waste too much time on other places.

When house hunting, remember that there are two essential criteria that a house needs to meet in order to make you happy and fulfilled. Basically, it needs to meet your needs in two ways – when it comes to the overall functionality and quality of the house and when it comes to your personal preferences and instant feeling of connection and comfort. Don’t ignore your instincts!


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Article written by Diane Smith. Diana is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to home decor and latest DIY projects. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.