How to store your items correctly

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Your precious belongings have special requirements when it comes to packing for storage. If you don’t take this into account, chances are your treasures will be damaged at the other end.

Clothes are delicate and need the right storage containers if they’re going to stay in good condition. Particularly if you’re opting for long-term storage. Boxes and suitcases won’t provide the necessary protection from dust and moisture. So you should invest in clear plastic boxes with clip-on lids. Not only will these containers protect your clothes, they also make it easier to locate specific items if you need them.

Fridges, dishwashers, dryers and washing machines need to be thoroughly cleaned. Disinfected and dried before they are stored. If you store them whilst dirty the dirt will spread and completely ruin your appliances. If you store them wet, mould and mildew will build-up and be impossible to get rid of. You also need to be prop doors and lids open. If you leave lids and doors closed a foul smell will build-up that you’ll never get rid of it. Take a look at how to store a refrigerator for further information.

Storing the items

Never store a mattress on its side or in its end. Your mattress is full of complex coils. So, if you force your mattress into an unnatural position. The coil structure will be ruined and you’ll be left with a very uncomfortable mattress. So, make sure you leave enough room in your storage space for your mattress to be stored on its back. You also need to wrap your mattress in a breathable plastic wrap to protect it from pests and dust. Throw a heavy blanket over the top of your mattress for extra protection. Take a look at how to store mattresses for further information.

There’s no point storing your bedframe intact. It will save you a bit of time but it will take up too much space and increase the chance of the frame being damaged. The best way to look after your bedframe is to disassemble it and wrap it in packing wrap. If your frame is made of wood make sure you wrap it in fabric before you apply the wrap. If the wrap comes in direct contact with the wood it will warp and shrink your frame.

Humidity and moisture are common problems that can afflict storage spaces. Wooden and leather furniture needs to be treated and double-wrapped or your comfy couch will turn into a rotten, mouldy mess. Consult manufacturer labels to see what type of treatments you need to use.

This article is written by Sally Wood. She is working as a Communications Coordinator at Kent Relocation Group.