Reasons Why Your Social Media is Not Generating Leads for your Real Estate Business

Reasons Why Your Social Media is Not Generating Leads for your Real Estate Business

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Most real estate agents are now using social media to promote either their clients’ properties or their own brand. However, many efforts fall by the wayside as people discover that creating a social media following and generating leads is not actually as easy as it first seems.

Social media marketing is finding and connecting with people who can benefit from your real estate services. Social media marketing requires content and your social media marketing strategy needs to show that you are an expert in your field.

Growing your connections is fundamental to your digital success. Most social media channels want you to make at least 10 - 20 new friends or followers each week, because that indicates that your brand is active and has appeal to people. The type of people that you connect with also helps the social media channels determine who your ideal clients are, particularly if you use your page followers as the basis for your paid social media advertising.

To remain visible on social media you need to post consistently, and a general rule of thumb would be to post something at least once a week. This equates to 52 chances a year for your social media marketing activities to be seen. Today, you need to advertise your properties and brand messages across all the social media channels.

Do not make the mistake that social media marketing is an area of your business that requires no previous experience or qualifications. There is certainly some that could be handled by a more junior staff. If you want your social media marketing efforts to generate leads for your real estate business then you will need to engage a professional marketer, either in house or outsourced.

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