Pro Tips: Make the Most Out of Your Bedroom

Pro Tips: Make the Most Out of Your Bedroom

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Sure, it would be perfect if all of us could have one of those 5-star hotel bedrooms or Pinterest setups, but space and money are usually what stands in our way. However, even if your home arrangement and bank account don’t really cooperate with your big bedroom dreams, don’t despair just yet. You can still create a bedroom that will suit your wishes and needs, or at least a close replica of it. Here are a few pro tips that will help you make the most out of your bedroom without taking down walls and breaking the bank!

Do the worst thing first

One of the most important things you must do before you even start thinking about paint and accessories is decluttering. We know, tidying up is boring and getting rid of things is hard and emotional, but if you want to end up with an awesome bedroom, you must clean up the mess. A room overflowing with items will never look attractive and expensive, even if you fill it with designer furniture and original art. So, get rid of all the unnecessary things, clean out the floors and unburden your shelves. Your bedroom is not your storage!

Color me impressed!

Even though it’s your bedroom, don’t try to cram in every color you find attractive. Sure, play to your tastes, but be moderate. Bedrooms should be relaxing and not overwhelming to the senses! Light shades or relaxing deep colors always work perfectly.

Tackle your bed

The bed is the star of every bedroom—actually there’s no BEDROOM without it! However, not all beds and mattresses are created equal, so if you really want to take your comfort up a notch, make sure to splurge on a good mattress. It can be quite an investment, but it will make all the difference in the world! For instance, you can get a personalized king mattress that will have exactly the right firmness or softness and warmth or coolness that fits your needs and preferences. You can choose from several comfort levels and heat covers. So, no matter if you like to be cool while sleeping or prefer a toasty bed, there’s a perfect mattress for you! This almost guarantees undisturbed nights for many, many years to come!

Make it pretty

If you want to add some extra style to your bedroom and boost warmth at night, don’t forget to dress up your bed! A cheap microfleece bed cover is good for cuddling in front of the TV eating chips, but it’s not remotely appropriate for your stylish bedroom. So, switch it up for something high-quality like a lush wool blanket, cool silk cover or even a faux fur throw! Also, don’t go crazy with different patterns and prints. Subtle solid colors and subtle designs always look more expensive and elegant than a cheetah print throw.

Green it up

Another easy way to add some style and elegance to your bedroom is to fill it with a few green things. Get a pretty designer pot (ceramic or metallic ones are gorgeous and less expensive than you think) and make it a home for a new plant. Indoor plants like peace lilies, ferns and aloe veras not only look amazing, but also help clean your air of toxins and gases and replenish it with oxygen. Also, they require very little care—just some sunlight and an occasional watering! However, if you really don’t have a green thumb, you can still green up your bedroom. Grab a vase and fill it with some freshly cut flowers from your garden or local farmer’s market. They will fill the room with subtle color and fragrance for instant refreshment!

Light up your nights

Boob lights were a huge hit in the ‘80s, but they are long gone! So, ditch these old-fashioned lights for something more modern and elegant. Small chandeliers, hanging pendants and drum-shade lights all look stylish and attractive while providing you with ample lighting. A good-looking fixture will set you back around $100, but it will be money well spent!

Devil’s in the details

Sure, big things make a big impact, but small details shouldn’t be underestimated! So, once you take care of your furniture, it’s time to turn to the finishing touches. For instance, a simple tray for your dresser or nightstand will add a note of class to the whole space (and help you keep your bedroom clutter-free.) Also, just by replacing your old hardware like drawer pulls and door handles, you can improve the look of your room for only a few dollars! And a well-placed work of original art will lift up your room’s class a few notches in a second. Plus, art is always a good investment for the future!

Having a lot of money to splurge on your bedroom remodel is great, but having good taste is even better. If you have a knack for decoration and a good article to guide you, you’ll end up with a stylish and elegant bedroom without huge expenses!

By Chloe Taylor