How to Perfectly Decorate Your Tiny House for All Your Needs

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At first glance, living in a tiny house might not seem like an overly appealing idea. However, there are numerous reason why this modern concept is gaining popularity with homeowners and designers across the globe. While there are numerous benefits to owning a tiny house you might not be yet aware of. The problem of ample space for all your daily needs still exists. And it’s very much real, leading to numerous complications if not dealt with head on.

Fortunately, you needn’t call the contractor to make any significant renovations. As there are numerous affordable. Short and sweet decorating solutions you can introduce into your living environment to make it seem more spacious than it is. And meet all of your needs. Let’s dive in.

Smart storage and clear spaces

First things first, there is absolutely no room for clutter in a small house. Literally. Otherwise you will be tripping over everything until you lose your mind. So the first thing you need to do is to make sure clutter never gets the chance to settle in by decluttering the house regularly.

Now that you have created a clean and clear foundation. You can introduce smart storage solutions to help you keep the setting clutter-free on a continuous basis. To that end, you want to utilise every nook and cranny. And every corner to add sliding storage units. Think about adding sliding drawers under the bed. And hang pockets on the inside of kitchen cabinets and the doors as well.

Introduce multipurpose furniture

In the modern world, furniture is not only made to last, but also to serve a multitude of purposes. While that doesn’t mean that you can mount a range on the bed (yet). It does mean that your bed can be converted into a workstation. Or that your living room sofa can be elegantly moved into the wall to make way for a foldable dining table.

The possibilities are endless. And you can utilise modular furniture to create extra space for any occasion. The furniture can also serve as capacious storage units or they can hold extra chairs for when you’re having guests over. Simply let your imagination run free and the interior decorator is bound to be able to create it.

Keep the house clean regularly

Unfortunately, small houses are oftentimes more difficult to keep clean than grand spaces. As dust, debris and various pollutants can easily accumulate and make their way into every crevice. While you shouldn’t have any problems moving the furniture out of the way. You might find it difficult to reach every nook and cranny.

To battle this problem, simply use a variety of duster sizes and vacuum attachments, and be sure to research the best air purifier for allergies in order to keep air pollutants at bay and maintain a healthy living environment. Remember, tiny houses get stuffy pretty quickly, so ensuring healthy air flow should be your No.1 priority.

Adopt a semi-minimalist mindset

Taking the clean and clear concept even further, you can even adopt a semi-minimalist mindset, opting for minimal decor and just a few accent pieces around the room. This will free up some much needed space but it will also give every setting in the house its own unique personality and flair.

Be sure to use accents wisely, opting for contrasting hues in corners or on the windowsills. You can even create a statement wall with an accent wallpaper, or colourful wall art. If you love natural elements, you can easily incorporate them as focal points in the room.

Think vertical across the board

Finally, you house might not have been graced with ample width. But it sure has enough vertical space to go around. And you should make the most of it. So think about mounting floating shelves. Wherever you can and don’t forget to put knit boxes on top of the kitchen cabinets as well for some extra storage space. Add shelves all around the door frames and put a magnet sheet on the kitchen wall to keep your cutlery. Mount some hooks on the sides where you can keep your pots and pans as well.

Living in a small house is not an arduous challenge. Quite the contrary, it’s a blessing in disguise that will ensure long-term happiness and peace. If you implement these tips, you will have no problem decorating your tiny house for all your needs.

Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.