People-Shaped Properties in 2018

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The 2018 real estate market is characterised by property designs tailored to each individual’s needs and taste rather than generic designs. People are looking for homes that will reflect their own personality and taste and facilitate their everyday life.

Convenient location

Not only are properties in 2018 shaped by the needs of homeowners, but property sites are hand-picked in order to provide individuals with numerous benefits, including easy access, nearby amenities and general appeal. Developers focus on strategically identifying locations that will enable a homeowner to settle down in a flourishing community. When choosing property locations, developers also consider important factors, such as infrastructure and both current and future lifestyle trends.

Project homes: a thing of the past?

Considering the fact that properties will be tailored to the needs of homeowners, project homes won’t enjoy such great popularity in 2018, especially in countries oriented towards custom buildings, such as Australia. Project homes are properties built according to generic designs and patterns for a great number of individuals. This means that homeowners need to adjust their lifestyle habits to properties, which won’t be so popular in 2018. Project building provides little flexibility in terms of change and location. Project home designs are pre-made and developed for specific types of land, with a limited number of designs suitable for sites with slopes, for example. As such, project homes are left behind in favour of more individualised designs that custom building brings. Of course, project homes still offer some benefits, such as speed or affordability, but these factors aren’t the crucial ones in 2018.

Custom homes: a thing of the future?

In 2018, the real estate market will put custom homes to the forefront. Custom builders focus on designing one-of-a-kind homes that are tailored to homeowners’ needs and lifestyles. Thus, they are a perfect solution for people-shaped real estate market governed by the needs for flexibility and functionality. Custom homes are based on individualised designs, which makes them unique to each owner. Thus, homeowners don’t need to adjust to their housing options because they are the ones who govern the design in collaboration with builders and architects.

This type of building is popular around the globe, especially in Australia. Aussie builders design homes with the aim of facilitating their clients’ everyday lives. For example, the best property developers in Sydney make every decision according to their clients’ needs, from home layout and architecture to interior design details. It’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing custom building over project homes. A custom building provides them with a great level of flexibility, functionality and involvement in the building process itself. If custom homes continue to dominate the real estate market, it’s only a matter of time when they’ll completely replace project homes.

Smart homes

Once nothing more than a distant concept, now a standard, smart homes are another trend that will dominate the real estate market in 2018. In fact, new trends are coming to the forefront, improving the functionality and accessibility of smart homes. Since smart homes are designed to make life easier, they fit perfectly on the market of people-shaped properties. In 2018, there are more than just a few trends that will make homes even smarter and more accessible. Enhanced temperature management in one of the leading trends that will enable homeowners to adjust their home temperature remotely. Smart thermostats are also able to control the temperature and follow pre-set specifications that will enable homeowners to reduce their energy consumption and increase their savings.

Automated maintenance checks will also make homeowners’ lives easier by identifying possible problems before they cause serious damage. Some of these maintenance systems are based on noise recognition. For example, water leaks emit a sound that a person may not be able to hear, but that won’t pass undetected by a smart maintenance system. Furthermore, homes in 2018 will be even safer owing to high-tech security systems. From enhanced security cameras to facial recognition, security gadgets will keep homeowners abreast of anyone who enters their homes.

The real estate market in 2018 will be marked by properties tailored to homeowners’ needs and requirements. From individualised, custom homes to enhanced smart features, properties will be people-shaped in 2018.


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