Moving Into a Larger Home: the Essentials

Moving Into a Larger Home: the Essentials

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Changing your address is never an easy task, and oftentimes it’s emotionally difficult to say goodbye to the life. You knew in order to create a better future somewhere unfamiliar. That said, moving into a larger home is also an exciting project and a big step forward for you and your growing family. So you might as well do it right and love every step of the process. With that in mind, here is the essential roadmap to a stress-free move every family should follow.

Tend to thorough decluttering

It would be great if you could bring all of your belongings with you to your new place. But the reality is that relocating everything you own would be time-consuming. Costly, and would just add to the clutter in the new place.

A new home should mean a fresh start, so before you start packing. Make sure you declutter your house thoroughly and give or throw away everything you no longer need or haven’t used in over six months. All of a sudden, the whole packing process will become a breeze and you will know exactly where to put everything in the new place.

How do your belongings fit into the new setting?

Speaking of knowing where everything goes in your new home. The decor line should follow the design and tone of the new interior. Meaning that you should carefully select the furniture and amenities that will come with you.

A chic fabric bed frame will certainly work great in the new master bedroom. But a worn out sofa won’t really liven up the new place as much as it should. Following this mindset, be sure to think carefully which furniture pieces would make you happier in your new home. And which ones could be exchanged for newer, more aesthetic models.

Determine the best moving method

Moving house is by no means a walk in the park, and there are plenty of aspects of a stress-free move you’ll need to consider well-before the relocation date comes. One of the common mistakes homeowners make is thinking they can take on the entire process themselves.

This is not exactly a great way to move efficiently and effectively. So you had better secure professional handling, packing, and transportation to the new address instead. For example, these removalists servicing Eastern Suburbs will not only pack your stuff and secure it with bubble wrap for maximum protection. But they will also insure your belongings so you can be more relaxed about the whole process.

Pack one room at a time

Many homeowners preparing for a move make the inadvertent mistake of delaying the packing process until the very last minute, thus having to do it all at once. Needless to say, it only creates confusion and chaos in the household, with nobody knowing where anything is stored. All of a sudden, you find yourself opening up every box looking for the blow dryer. To avoid this, simply start your packing process early, focusing on the least-essential things at first, and then packing your essentials as the moving date draws near.

Allow for some trial and error in your new home

Lastly, there is no telling what the end “product” will look like. And you shouldn’t panic too if at first you don’t like the look and feel of the new interior. The truth is, creating the perfect layout in a new, larger home requires plenty of planning, strategizing, and trial and error. Once you’ve repositioned every appliance and amenity for the tenth time, though. You will have found your perfect arrangement, so simply let the process unfold naturally.

Moving into a larger home is a grand step forward. But it’s also a tough challenge requiring adequate planning and preparation, as well as meticulous execution. However, if you follow these essential steps, you will have no problem ensuring a stress-free relocation to your new dream home.

By Lillian Connors