Marketing Strategies to Market Your Landscaping Business

Marketing Strategies to Market Your Landscaping Business

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Landscaping is a thriving business that grows and grows in revenue as each year goes by. It is no wonder that people want their homes to look nice. When we are forced to spend so much time inside the houses, our gardens should look nice at least.

Developing the right marketing strategy for a landscaping business in 2021 should be more flexible than ever. It is now the perfect time to use your creative potential to create a star marketing strategy for your business.

Unite with other local businesses

It is the time when we all need to help each other to survive. And this can be a great opportunity to create a business partnership with other local companies that provide services similar to yours.

For example, you can partner with real estate agents, local garden and flower shops, cleaning companies, etc. You can offer a discount for clients that came through your partner’s recommendation and do the same things for them.

Go online

It is time to work on an SEO strategy for your website and social media pages. Marketing and SEO should work together to make your online presence as seen as possible.

First of all, make a smashing website that will make people fall in love with your services from the first glance. Add detailed and honest descriptions of your services, a portfolio, feedback about your work, prices, etc.

Work on your blog if you have one, or get it if you don’t. Here you can share the info about landscaping, make helpful tutorials and blog posts to attract people to your website.

As for social media: in today’s world, everything there can be used for marketing. Create a couple of Facebook campaigns, work on images and stories for Instagram, make a viral Snapchat, and a video for Youtube.

Your online presence is especially important in this day and age because people are more likely to go online to find a provider of landscaping service. This will also help you to connect with clients that you couldn’t get through traditional advertising.

Plan your marketing strategy ahead of a schedule

You know the saying, “Mend your sails while the weather is fine”. Creating a great strategy to market a landscaping business requires starting way before the actual season starts.

Sending postcards, offering pre-pay discounts, creating early bird specials: all of that should start a month or two before the season. This way, you will get a bunch of clients right from the beginning of spring.

Loyalty programs and bonuses

2021 is a perfect year to start your very first loyalty program. You need to appreciate the clients that are still with you, even in these times of pandemics. That’s why a few little things will make them happy.

Propose a discount for regulars, start an “every Xs service is for free” promotional campaign, or simply do some extra small free services for your loyal clients.

These small things count, and they are the first thing that people will mention about your company to their friends. This is how you will get new clients!

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