How to look after your timber deck during winter

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Keeping your deck clean and clutter free is an easy way to ensure your outdoor area is as low maintenance as possible over the colder months. Stack chairs and pack away furniture that you won’t be using over winter. If your deck isn’t covered. You’ll need to remove fallen debris regularly – including leaves and bird droppings. That can cause deterioration of timber if left for long periods.

Pot plants can collect moisture underneath and, over time, cause rotting and warping of your deck. Moving them around.  Once your deck is clear of obstacles, you’ll be able to assess its condition and see whether it needs repairs. Check for loose nails, screws or boards as well as any rotting or cracking.

Once your deck has been cleaned and repaired. You can think about how best to preserve its condition with constant exposure to rain and moisture. Applying a water-repellent sealer at the start of winter will help to keep it protected. This is particularly important if your deck is uncovered or only partially covered.

A buildup of mould and mildew over winter can cause serious damage to your deck. So schedule in a few thorough cleans over winter and you’ll thank yourself come September. A stiff brush and a pressure cleaner should do the trick. As well as a regular sweep to remove anything damp and stagnant.

When you’re ready to start using your deck again. Give it a clean with a deck cleaner and an oil or stain to protect and prepare for the warmer weather.