Know the Types of Plaster Available for Construction

Know the Types of Plaster Available for Construction

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Plaster being an integral part of the construction and without proper plastering. We cannot build our homes and buildings. From the roof to floor and interior walls to outdoor pavement. You need to do some plastering work before applying the paint. Even if you wish to install some stones such as marble. Granite or tiles then also you need to prepare the base with the plastering membranes. Today, there are a variety of plasters available for different purposes.

The internal plasters are most popular which the main purpose is to render smooth finish to the walls ready for decorating. It also adds strength to ceilings and walls and helps seal the building materials together. As mention, there are different types of Plasters available. That cover a varied aspect of coating a wall to offer a smooth finish. So you need to know about these different plastering processes before applying on your buildings.

Plaster Based on Material Use

• Lime Plaster – This is the type of plaster that is design by mixing lime and sand which is mixture at a ratio 1 sand is to 3 of lime by volume. This mixture is mainly use for under coat. But today it is also use to achieve a finish coat.
• Cement Plaster – Here the standard grey color cement is use, and the mixture is prepare by using water and clean wash sand. It is use to coat the hard background including the partitions and brick block walls.

• Gypsum Plaster – This is the type of plaster which can be design or produce naturally by using by-products. This naturally produce gypsum plasterer can be use under coat. Finish coat and also to replace the cement and lime plaster broadly. It is also used today for preventing cracks and shrinkages.

So, you need to do the plastering work on your building at the primary level and in this case. You can hire an experienced plasterer. Plasterers are the workers who can perform the plastering work with their advance tools. And they have huge experience in this field. So, they can easily design the walls, ceiling, floors, exterior walls and pavements with the building membranes.

Different Types of Plaster Finishes That Are Used for Building Construction

• Smooth-Cast Finish Plaster: - In a bid to achieve the smooth cast finish plasterer the mortar used must be in the ratio of 1:3 of which 1cement and 3sand. For the preparation of the mortar, smooth sand needs to be used.

• Rough Cast Plaster Finish: - It is also know as spatter dash finish and the mortar that is use for achieving the rough finish must comprise uncouth aggregate in a combination of sand and cement. The ratio must be 1:1.5:3 and the size of the coarse aggregate must be in 3mm or 12mm, depending upon the requirement.

• Sand Faced Plaster Finish: - Here two coats of cement plastering are require to achieve the sand faced finish. Which the first coat must be of 12mm and the cement sand mortar must be in the ratio of 1:4. Remember the first coat must be in zigzag lines and allow it to cure for at least a week.

• Pebble Dash Plaster Finish: - In this, you would require mortar later of 12mm thick with cement. And sand in the ratio of 1:3 and after that, you need to spread pebbles of size 10mm on the plastered surface.
It is suggested to contact with the plasterers for your construction or renovation projects. And always check their license, experience and insurance papers before hiring. They know the tricks and techniques of proper plastering. And they can easily achieve the smooth surface of the floors, ceiling and walls

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