Kitchen Designs of the Future

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Separate kitchens are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Mealtimes are no longer silent affairs and are now considered the ideal opportunity to come together. Catch up and reflect. As a result, the dining furniture you choose needs to meet your lifestyle needs. And offer a versatile solution for many different scenarios.

The key to achieving this laid-back family time is establishing informal eating areas. That encourage a sociable, communal vibe. Take inspiration from Brosa’s relax dining setups. And you’ll be on your way to a welcoming haven in no time.

A breakfast bar area with stools instantly says ‘come and take a seat’. This casual mealtime setup is all about ease, efficiency and sociability. The high stools ensure diners sit at the same height as the chef. While placing tableware and condiments within reaching distance encourages family and friends to help themselves and also clear away afterwards. High-backed, upholster stools are a versatile option for your breakfast bar as they can be a causal perch for brunch. Or smarten up and combined with chic tableware for dinner.

Kitchen Design

Don’t have enough space for a breakfast bar in the centre of your kitchen? Then consider a separate side bar – even the slimmest of ledges will do the trick.
When shopping for bar stools, consider how often you will be using them and the level of comfort need. Plus, don’t forget to factor in their dimensions and ensure there’s plenty of leg room between the stool and bottom of the breakfast bar.

With open-plan living spaces becoming the go-to floor plan for many modern homes. It’s clear that this central hub needs to stand up to being used for multiple purposes. If you have the space, try and include both casual and formal dining zones within the one room to create flexible dining options. Dining spaces should feel casual and low maintenance so everyone. That means the cook, family members and guests – can get involved.

A deck or paved exterior leading from your open-plan living area will instantly double your entertaining space. Particularly if you can open up the interior with bi-folding doors for a seamless look. Choose a substantial and robust outdoor dining set that can seat a good number of people. And is style up or down for any occasion. There’s no reason why you can’t use your favourite dinnerware outdoors!