Increase your space with multi-purpose rooms

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Increase your space with multi-purpose rooms

Have you ever wanted to increase the size of your home to add an extra bedroom or study. Or to fulfil your dreams of creating a room where you can dump everything that simply does not have a place?

The magical sliding screen for inside/outside

Sliding screens are a great way to open rooms onto other rooms. Not only doubling the size of the space but in the case of this house, bringing the outside in. This small side courtyard is situated adjacent to a hallway that acts as a thoroughfare. However, when the sliding doors are open, an extra internal room is creating. The open ceiling acts as a large skylight allowing the outdoor elements such as greenery. Sun and the moonlight to enter. The sliding glass doors fold back onto each other and stack neatly on one wall allowing the full space to be used.

A room within a room.

Transparent glass internal walls that slide open help transform a space. Also, make the overall room feel larger than what it actually is. If you are using transparent glazing, make sure privacy is achieve with the use of sheer curtains. It is important to use the right window furnishings or the space could feel like an office partition.

To enable a space to be flexible. A room divider can be used to semi-screen a room from another room. The screen acts as both a privacy screen and a storage solution. Room dividers need to be semi-transparent in a small space to be an effective element in the room. The aim is not to create total privacy for the bedroom. But, a delineation between the private zone and the rest of the space. This also provides you with an option to use the bedroom furniture as an additional hang-out lounge.

It is becoming increasingly popular to use fold-down beds in apartments when space is at a premium. But people living in houses are also starting to discover the great flexibility of hiding the bed in the wall. The architects here have designed a flexible space that can act as a guest bedroom at night and a multi-function room by day – in this case, it’s a room where the kids can watch movies and play video games.

When the bed is behind closed doors, it looks like any other cupboard space and with one pulling action the bed folds down. Creative joinery designs and storage solutions allow for a truly flexible space.

The fold-out bed that disappears into the wall works really well. When it is integrate into wall joinery that provides additional storage and book shelves. When the bed is in its upright position, you wouldn’t know that the space also acts as a bedroom.

Somewhere to store the vacuum cleaner

The space under the stairs is commonly a dumping ground for excess random household items. Also, at the very least, somewhere to store the vacuum cleaner. Clever designers are now making the most of this area to create additional rooms such as study nooks.

So the study desk and storage units don’t look like a tack-on underneath the staircase. Integrate the design so that it appears as part of the staircase. Using similar materials and colours will help the joinery to blend in.

Creating a mezzanine space within a room is a great way to enable a room to have multiple uses. If you have the height. Why not create one function for the space at ground level and another function for the elevated space. This may seem obvious. But don’t forget that heat rises and what seems like a cosy mezzanine space in winter can quickly become a heat trap in summer. Don’t forget the fan.

Joinery or cabinetry is a great way to hide or create storage within a space that, when opened. Reveals an array of flexible design solutions that truly make the space into a multi-use zone. If the doors of the joinery units are going to be opened into the primary space to reveal the function within. Make sure that the placement of furniture does not impede their use.