Ideas for Turning Your Living Room into an Oasis

Ideas for Turning Your Living Room into an Oasis

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Whether you’re a fan of spending every available moment of your day with your family. Or having some privacy for yourself, being able to relax and take some time off is always amazing. What’s even better is having a room where you can do so. So adapting your living room in accordance with your needs and desires is a must if you want to utilize all of its potentials. Turning it into a personal oasis, therefore, is the only way to fully enjoy it. But if you’re unsure how to do so. Here are a few tricks that might help you take your living room from ordinary to extraordinary faster than you think!

Create a layout

In order to feel cozy, relaxed and secure, your living room needs a perfect layout – after all. You can’t just place your furniture at random spots, without a viable plan, right? What you need to keep in mind is the concept of open space and thus give yourself enough maneuvering room. As that’s the only way to feel truly free and unrestricted. Creating an open-space living room might seem like the hardest thing in the world. but it’s actually quite achievable if you put your mind to it. So take this idea into serious consideration as soon as possible.

Add some décor

There’s more to personal oasis than lots of empty space and you simply have to add certain types of décor if you want it all to fit in perfectly. Scented candles, incense, natural aromatized oils and calming music are the best ways to reach Nirvana in a matter of minutes and feel completely relaxed. Moreover, your living room oasis should include a big bowl of fresh fruit that’s going to give it a new smell. And also bring in a dose of nature into the mix.

Find comfortable furniture

Nevertheless, decorating and designing a living room. So that it provides you with complete peace and quiet sometimes isn’t as easy as it initially seems. To make it more homely, add some comfy furniture that’s great both for relaxing and taking a short nap after lunch. This laid-back approach to the interior design has been embraced by Aussies. Which is why they often include comfortable sofas, lounges, and armchairs in their living rooms. They also commonly visit their favorite furniture store in Sydney to get the latest prices and even buy certain models on sale. This way, they manage to furnish their living room oasis at an affordable price. Yet achieve a professional and eye-catching living room design.

Let the fresh air in

This is another important part of turning your living room into an oasis. Because you can’t picture one without lots and lots of fresh air, can you? Luckily, working on this idea is quite simple and all you need to do is keep your windows open as often as possible. Letting the fresh air in and minimizing the need for store-bought air fresheners. Although advertised as healthy and non-threatening, these products can seriously endanger your family. Especially if you have small children. So, open your windows and you’ll start appreciating fresh air more than ever before.

Combine traditional and modern approach

Not that many people know that the Australians are famous for their bohemian casual living rooms. And actually prefer this design over all the others. So, don’t think too much when the time comes for decorating your personal oasis. Combine modern and traditional influences to get a perfect mixture that’s going to give you all the peace and quiet you need. In the end. Don’t forget to add some flowers as well because their pleasant smell is going to take your home oasis to the next level. And really help you take your mind off everyday things and worries.

As soon as you turn your living room into an oasis. More and more people are going to want to visit you or rent your place and take in a piece of your paradise. But they’ll also start copying you and doing everything they can to create such a space at their own homes too. Of course, this means you’ve done a wonderful job decorating your living room, and now you can enjoy it every single day!


By Emma Joyce