Ideas For a Laundry Renovation

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A well-equipped and fully functional laundry room is an essential part of any home. However, not all houses have enough laundry storage space. If you are struggling to create a beautiful and functional laundry room in your home, this article is for you.

Read on for some cool laundry room renovation and interior design ideas.

Paint the laundry room white

White makes a room look spacious. If you have space constraint, paint your laundry area white to create the illusion. However, you can pick other shades depending on the size and the layout of your laundry. Here are some great tips on choosing the right paint for your home.

Create a laundry closet

You can easily fit your laundry appliances in the closet and don’t require a room for them. The washer and dryer can be installed vertically at the bottom right or left of the closet; the sink on the other side, and the hangers and the stacks of clothes on the top. When you are not using the laundry, you can just shut the closet door and clean the space.

Combine laundry and mudroom

Combining these two functions is the most popular way of designing a laundry for compact spaces. It allows less traffic to those who need extra space for hanging their clothes. Paint the walls with neutral colours to make the room look fresh, clean and airy.

Incorporate the laundry into your bathroom

The bathroom and laundry belong together in many homes. It’s one of the most practical laundry setups that combines the use of the sink, countertops, and plumbing lines.

Bring your laundry into your kitchen

The kitchen can be another great place to put your laundry. You can use the kitchen sink for cleaning and the kitchen island for folding clothes. Use one of the extra cabinets in the kitchen to install laundry appliances. A kitchen-cum laundry also allows you to use your laundry waiting time in the kitchen and vice-versa.

Install multipurpose laundry island

A laundry island that can also serve as an ironing board, folding table and laundry storage is worth your money. It can save you a lot of space too.

Install vertical open shelves

Vertical shelves require less space. You can use any odd corner of your home and install floor-to-ceiling shelves. Use basket organisers for storage flexibility and style.

Use wallpaper

If you have a dull corner in a house with an adequate water supply, turn it into your laundry room by simply decorating the walls with wallpaper and adding some pendant lights. Build up space if you can’t build-out.


Your laundry room need not be large but fully functional. It should have dedicated space for everything. You can create a laundry yourself. However, for a functional and creative laundry interior design, you should turn to a professional designer.

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