How to Save Money to Buy a House

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Purchasing a home is a huge milestone we all dream of achieving someday. However, we all know that this honorable dream takes a lot of planning ahead.

Suppose you are lost or simply just don’t know where to start: here are our tips on how to save money for your down payment and make your dream come true. Let’s go!

Let’s look at your money.

Budgeting is a great idea, even if you don’t have such a big goal ahead. Understanding where your money goes every month becomes crucial once you are on the road to purchasing the property.

First of all, start with inspecting all your expenses for the last month or two (if you can make it for six months, it is amazing!). Secondly, define all your necessary expenses: rent, housing, food, car, insurance, etc.

After considering all the necessary expenses, define a sum of money you will transfer to your down payment account every month. All you have to do after that is to stay within your budget, and you will be okay!

Cut out some expenses.

It is not easy to do so, but cutting out some extra things in your life will help you to achieve your house goal much sooner. All the saved money should go straight to the saving account.

  1. Food and eating out. Revisit your grocery expenses and think about every product: is this a necessity or a luxury? The same is for eating out: spending a night in a restaurant with your significant other on a special occasion is more than okay. But, paying for a take-out because you are bored is a luxury.
  2. Subscriptions and prepaid services. Think about Netflix, gym, Hulu, Amazon Prime subscription and other prepaid services you have and cancel all of them you can live without.
  3. Travel on a budget. Camping and road trips can be as relaxing as travel abroad, but much cheaper!
  4. Clothing. Buy only necessary items, and don’t go on relaxing shopping. Think about a specific budget for clothing for each month and stick with it.
  5. Garage sales. Do you have an expensive juicer you never use or books you don’t need anymore? Sell them and put this extra money into your down payment fund.
  6. Any extra money goes straight to the fund. Raises, bonuses, extra money from side jobs: put all of them into your savings account.
  7. Believe in yourself. Even when you make a mistake and spend extra money on something, don’t be harsh on yourself! You will make it, but it will take time.

The pro tip: don’t cut off fun times and entertainment spending completely. To work hard you need to rest well.

Open a new account

Let your money work for you! You can open a deposit and put there all the down payment money you’ve saved.

They will be secured in a bank and even multiply if you will need a couple of years to gather a proper sum.

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