How To Protect Your Belongings When Renovating

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A home renovation is a big project to take on. It requires time, planning, and effort, and your life might get chaotic for a while. In all of that chaos, it’s essential to keep your valuables safe and keep track of everything. Maybe you are still saving money for renovating your home and doing your research, or your budget is set, and you are ready to go. If it’s time for your remodel, we have prepared a guideline on how to protect your belongings when renovating.

Securing your home to protect your belongings when renovating

If you are in the phase of reimagining your living space, it means that you are in a good place in life. You are getting ready for a fresh start. Formulating your own home, a place to make the most beautiful memories is one of the rewarding things in life. Still, it is common during renovating to have uncertainties about where to start, what to do, and who to hire. Many questions arise, and security often gets overlooked. Following these tips will ensure your belongings stay safe and keep their spot in your new space.

Hire trusted renovation builders

Every home improvement project is a significant investment – both financial and emotional. That is why it is necessary to carefully consider each aspect before starting. The first big decision you will face is: how to choose the right renovation builders? You need to do your research, read the reviews, ask around and go with someone with a good track record. Make sure this company has satisfied clients in their portfolio and an online presence. You are leaving the destiny of your home in their hands, so they must be good hands to leave it in.

Preserve the furniture

Adequate protection of the interior is a crucial factor in the renovation process. Scratches on furniture, stains, and marks caused by taking it out, transporting, and bringing it in are unacceptable and should be kept to a minimum. It is vital not to leave anything to chance and provide each piece of furniture with protection specially intended for that purpose. To begin with, you will need nylon and tape. And lots of patience! Only when all your belongings are perfectly protected, the stress will lessen so the work can proceed.

Empty your rooms
If a room is not subjected to any work, there is almost no chance of any damage happening there, as you can protect it by locking it. Of course, this principle stands if you work only on one part of your interior. In other cases, it might be best to empty your rooms – on your own or with the help of professionals.

Beware of the dust
One of the biggest problems when renovating is creating airflow and stopping particles from ruining your furniture. There are many ways to trap dust or ventilate properly in a remodeling environment. You can block the room you work in, make a temporary nylon wall and cover all the elements that are not included in the project on one side. If you are, for example, painting a kitchen, you can also additionally secure your walls. This is done by placing insulation between the parts you are working on and the edges.

Cover all flat surfaces
All surfaces, especially floorings and glass openings, can become the target of tools and other materials during interior works. To avoid scratching lacquered surfaces or breaking glass, secure them with cardboard or nylon before embarking on your expeditions. Assemble all the protective layers at the ends and fasten to solid surfaces to avoid movement and slipping. You surely don’t want to reinstall a marble slab on your counter or replace broken tiles in the bathroom.

Protect your fragile items
Your delicate and especially valuable belongings demand particular attention during a renovation. You should carefully pack fragile items and remove them from your home before the works begin. You can protect breakables by putting them away correctly to avoid damage. When it comes to your precious valuables, putting them in a safe or taking them with you is the most suitable security option.

Set up a home security system to protect your belongings when renovating
We know that renovation is expensive – you will want to use all the cost-saving tips you can to stay on budget. However, spending on a monitored security system is not only the best way to protect your home during a renovation but also a long-term investment. Using cameras will allow you to check on the progress of the remodeling and keep track of everything. It will also give you an insight into any unwanted activity. Make sure to notify your insurance agency that your home is undergoing a renovation, as well.

Use self-storage units
A work-site is not an ideal storage solution for your prized belongings. If you are remodeling your entire home or want to ensure none of your items get damaged, putting them into a self-storage unit might be just the option for you. Storage units are inexpensive and great for this purpose. It’s easy, convenient, plus you can always hire professional services to do the transfer for you. This way, you will protect your belongings when renovating well. Happy remodeling and good luck with your new space!

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