How to Outfit Your Backyard for an Awesome Outdoor Party

How to Outfit Your Backyard for an Awesome Outdoor Party

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It doesn’t matter whether it’s a family Fourth of July party, a kid’s birthday party in autumn or a dinner party with your co-workers, an outdoor party is always a lot of fun. However, in order to make your guests feel welcome, you need to make your garden appropriate for such events. No worries, with a few tips, this can be easily achieved.

Cleaning up

The first thing you should do is tidy up your backyard. Assess the situation. Are there any broken pieces of furniture? Do you have any things you were intending to throw out but never got around to actually doing it? Are your trees and shrubs messy and untrimmed?

Once you know what the issues are, get down to work. Throw away everything that is broken; if there are any items that are still in good shape but you no longer need them, try selling them or giving them away.

Now that your space is clutter-free, you can cut your grass and trim your greenery. If the leaves are falling off, make sure to rake them. Get rid of all the debris, and put away the tools you used. If you have a patio or a pergola, pressure clean it to make it more inviting.


Depending on the type of your party, you will need different seating and decorative option. If it’s a kid’s birthday party, you can get some inflatable bouncy castles or slides. If there are a lot of children, setting blankets on the ground might be more effective than having dozens of chairs.

For a casual hang, sofas and armchairs are enough. Make sure there is space for everyone, though.

On the other hand, if you are having a fancy dinner party, you should employ the typical table and chairs setting. If you don’t have a set of outdoor dining furniture, you can use your inside dining table, and get all the chairs you can. Don’t worry about them not matching, no one’s going to think about that. You can even get a bench that can seat more people.


If the party is planned for the evening, make sure that there is enough light to keep everyone safe. The last thing you want is someone tripping and having to rush to the ER. You can get string lights, in-ground lights, or even a big spotlight to illuminate the whole yard.

In case you opt for a bench or plastic chairs, include some soft cushions. If it gets chilly in the evening, make sure to provide the guests with some warm and comfy throws. If you have a pergola or a patio, you can decorate it with some cute curtains.

Don’t worry about the plates and cups being different from one another. If you have a lot of guests, it’s expected that you don’t have that many matching sets. Also, you can opt for sustainable options.

Put some potted flowers around the table and light some candles for a relaxing atmosphere.

Food and drinks

When it comes to the food, you should prepare it in advance, and opt for something that can stay fresh for a while. You can opt for finger bites if it’s a more casual occasion, or a several-course meal if it’s an important dinner party. Make a mobile drink station so that everyone can just make their own drink when they feel like it.

However, if you are hosting a work party or an engagement party and there are a lot of people, you might not be able to do everything yourself. You can opt for a portable bar hire in Sydney if your yard allows it as this is very popular in Australia.


If your party is a quiet affair, you can just play soft music in the background. On the other hand, if you’re having an all-out celebration, you can even hire a DJ to play all the current bangers.

If you decide to have a movie night, you can find a canvas or a wall where you can project a film that no one saw yet or one that everyone adores.

Bugs and mosquitoes

To keep the mosquitoes away, light some incense sticks or citronella candles. Have bug spray and mosquito repellent close by. You can also set up a fan that will chase them away.

Organising an outdoor party is not hard when you know exactly what you want to achieve. Follow these basic tips for a great event.

By Jessie Hogarth