Hot Bedroom Design Trends for 2018

Hot Bedroom Design Trends for 2018

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If there’s one room in the house that is more evocative of a peaceful retreat and dreamy sanctuary. It most certainly is the bedroom. It’s no longer a room for sleeping only. But a place where we can unwind, relax and find peace and quiet after a busy day.

Consequently, it should be decorated and furnished so that it offers ultimate comfort. But also reflects your personal style and taste. When deciding on the perfect style of your bedroom. Things might get a bit overwhelming, as trends continuously change and new ides keep pouring in. If you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom. These are the hottest decoration trends and interior designs for this year to pay attention to.

The colour palette

Neutral colours such as whites, off-whites, grey or beige dominate the bedroom space. While accessories or entire feature walls come in pastel hues. These are the elements that take full advantage of natural lighting in the room and create a calming and soothing ambiance. The trend is to avoid a visual overload, so accessories and even works of art are subdued, all with the aim of reinforcing simplicity. Decorations tend to be in warm colours with earthy tones.

Custom headboards and design pieces

One of the prominent trends this year in bedroom design. Is leaning towards softening lines and shapes and creating a feeling of being wrapped up and sheltered from the rest of the world. One way to achieve this is with upholstered beds and headboards. With a wide choice of fabrics, both for headboards and beddings. You can play with colours and textures. It instantly adds elegance and sophistication to the room. Especially if you opt for a leather bed frame and high-end patterns and quality textile for the linens. Even small bedrooms pose no limits to luxurious and original designs. You can still live big when it comes to décor by enhancing the space with vintage mirrors. Vertical design elements such as elegant custom bookshelves and a narrow sofa bed under the window, upholstered with tufted black or indigo velvet.

Unique nightstands

This year’s trends also call for elements of simplicity and fun and there’s no better and easier way to do it than with unique and original nightstands. A quirky, asymmetrical and bright-coloured side table can add a ton of character, and be an eye-catching detail, as well as being functional and convenient.

Wood feature walls

Тhe increase in eco-awareness has dictated numerous design trends over the last ten years. Additionaly, it’s most evident in the use of reclaimed wood. This is an affordable and eco-friendly option that instantly adds natural beauty and texture to modern rooms, which are often dominated by monochromatic colours and materials, such as glass or stone. An entire accent wall made of pieces of salvaged and reused wood fits seamlessly into any bedroom design. And creates a warm and inviting feeling.

Natural materials

2018 is undoubtedly the year of natural and environmentally-friendly elements being incorporated not only in bedrooms but the rest of the house as well. The desire to go green and a shift towards a healthy and sustainable living has led to the introduction of reclaimed. And renewable materials and the use of energy-efficient technologies. Futhermore, the best aspect of it all is the fact that doing so doesn’t mean giving up on functionality or comfort.
Wherever possible, include natural and organic materials into your bedroom. When picking out your bedspreads, curtains, blankets, covers or draperies, splurge on wool, linen, velvet, leather or cotton. As these materials are both rich in texture and aesthetically pleasing.


An essential part of any great bedroom design is definitely the luminaire. Light is the crucial ingredient that reaffirms existing colours. Introduces softness and warmth and makes the space appear larger and brighter. Therefore, special attention should be paid to lighting fixtures this year. Especially to dichroic lights that let you focus the light differently depending on your needs. Another design trend is adding metal hanging lamps that make a stunning visual element in your bedroom. This might be more expected in other rooms. But it’s in the bedroom that it makes the best impression. Whether it’s industrial, contemporary or vintage. The right choice of a metal pendant light gives a clear distinction between the room and serves as a functional light as well.

These are the main design trends for 2018. That can help you transform your bedroom into a stunning oasis of peace and serenity. As fashion and trends tend to come and go by quickly. Make sure you give your bedroom your personal touch. Feel free to break the rules as much as you want in order to have the bedroom of your dreams!