From Single Living to Sharing a Space

From Single Living to Sharing a Space

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Going from living alone to sharing a space is an exciting change that sparks many new conversations between you and your partner. While you may want to maintain your individual home design styles. There are different ways to merge your interests in a practical way to avoid conflict and make it an inviting home for both of you. Below are two helpful tips for this the brand-new chapter of your relationship!

Color Scheme

For each room, there should be a general aesthetic or color scheme that depicts the feeling you want the space to evoke. For example, neutral tones for a living room would be practical because it is often used for lounging and unwinding. And does not need distracting bold colors. With high traffic areas, choose more versatile colors. For the bedroom, choose a more cohesive look that reflects both you and your partner's design taste. If you’re both interested in bright colors, paint an accent wall or hang unique art in empty wall spaces. While you can personalize your living room with whatever you enjoy. Save rooms like the bedroom, bathroom, and offices to add a soft touch of your individuality in a fully collaborative way.

Focusing on a color scheme for each room will help you stay focused on a theme. And avoid choosing decor that can clash with the overall feel you expect for your home as well. Use this opportunity to learn more about your partner and spend time quality time designing your space together until it feels like home.

Quality Furniture

After you paint your selected rooms, picking out furniture is one of the most exciting aspects of a move. Sort through any current items you own from your individual places, and decide what to keep, donate, or buy new. Any items you decide to keep can be allocated to its specific room. And any gently used items can be offered to family members or online donation sites. After finding a place for every item in your home, you can see which crucial pieces are missing for you to begin your new life together. Furniture like couches and dining room tables may take precedence especially if you enjoy entertaining. Or just to be used in your daily routine. Investing in quality is a favorable way to shop for furniture because the items are less likely to become damaged from use.

Especially for pieces like living room furniture that will be used regularly. Look for seating options, like these durable pieces here, to make sure they last for the duration. Deciding on furniture together shows your commitment to the home. While also combining your interests in long-lasting items. After the important pieces are decided. Share an Amazon cart together and take turns picking out fun decor for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry rooms. You can schedule a monthly date to dedicate to decorating the home with agreed upon items, while still showing your respective flare. This also makes it easy to stick to a budget and find the right pieces for your space.


From deciding colors to decorating your new home or short term rental. You can feel like you are taking into consideration both people’s interests and respecting each other preferred living environment. Taking time to talk with your partner about the type of home you want to create and the environment. That works best for you individually will only benefit you as a couple and bring you closer to each other.

By Molly Kay