How to extend the life of leather furniture

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Leather has a way of telling a story through its cracks and wear. Weathered leather is a uniquely expressive material. Capable of conveying upon it a sense of history and sentimentality. All the more reason. Then, to do what we can to extend the lifecycle of our beloved leather pieces. Here are some practical tips to help keep your leather furniture in top condition.


For basic maintenance, wipe down your leather goods. With a dry cloth weekly to clean off dust settlements. Leather does not want to be over-cleaning or condition. Additionally, do so once or twice per year. Avoid solvent-based cleaners, furniture polish, waxes, oils, or saddle soap. Lexol offers good cleaning and conditioning agents for leather. Otherwise, maintain upkeep by dusting regularly and limiting exposure to direct sunlight.

Furniture Placement Matters

Consider the placement of your leather furniture in the room. Futhermore, positioning the couch next to the window exposes the leather to ultraviolet rays. Producing cracks in the leather and weathering the furniture more quickly. To help alleviate sun damage, close curtains or blinds where leather furniture is directly expose to sunlight. Additionally, to prevent leather from drying out. Unlike, try to create a foot or two of distance between your leather goods and heating sources such as radiators and vents.

Warranties and Insurance

At the time, leather insurance and warranties vary, and may or not be include in your furniture purchase. Futhermore, furniture retailers may also offer leather insurance at an additional cost. Depending on the policy, your insurance could cover accidental rips, tears, and stains.

Basic Mindfulness

Leather furniture is valued for its durability. But a certain level of practical mindfulness will help. Importantly, maintain the integrity of the material and prolong its lifecycle. Avoid putting the leather in direct contact with chemicals including chlorine, bleach, and ammonia. Like all furniture, take care of its structural integrity. Do not put additional stress on the furniture by pushing and pulling. And prevent from sitting on the arms. Finally, a little care will go a long way in extending the life of your treasured investment piece.