Everything You Need to Consider When Moving House

Everything You Need to Consider When Moving House

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Moving to a new place invokes mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. The new beginning sounds promising, but it’s the move itself which is always stressful. To decrease the stress level, it is always best to plan the move, as much as possible. This includes preparation of your new home, your belongings, the transport, and checking your old home. During your move, you need to have the essentials at hand as well as the items you will need on the first day.

We have set out the most important things to consider when moving house, so as to make the transition go more smoothly.

Prepare your new place

Even before you start packing, you should check out your new place. If possible do this a few weeks before the move, so as to ensure that you have enough time to address all possible setbacks. The obvious thing is to remove all things you don’t need in there and to clean the place up. Though it seems counterproductive to clean before the move, as people will drag dirt in during the move, a thorough clean-up will make the post-move cleanup a lot easier.

Make a design plan for new home

While checking your new home, take measures or use existing plans of the property. In this way, you won’t have to speculate whether you will need a particular old item in your new home. Another advantage is that it gives you an idea of the sequence in which household items are to be moved in. In this way, you won’t pack up the front of the house before you bring in the things for the back.

Make a checklist

Now, making and sticking to your checklists is a must-do. First of all, you should set apart all things borrowed that you need to return as well as to seek out all the things that you have lent to family or friends. This can be done much earlier than the rest, if the items are not necessary for the move or around that time.

So as to take only what you need with you, you should comb through your current possessions. The design plan you’ve made earlier can come in handy at this point. Set aside things that have no use at your new place, give them away, donate them or throw them away.

Make a bag with essentials that you might need during the move but also separate a box of things you will need at your new house on the first day, like blankets, pillows, shampoos, but also coffee and some other groceries. Start packing seasonal clothes for example, even before the moving week. Label all boxes clearly with what is inside and, more importantly, in which room they should be left.

Find some help

As soon as you can, start making inquiries into different moving companies. You can always put the small stuff into your car, but bigger and more delicate items, like your fridge, will need a different approach. For this reason, people tend to choose a removal company when moving to Brisbane for example, or any new city. Getting help from professionals means safety for you and your belongings. Insurance can also come in handy, just in case something goes wrong.

Redirect everything

People seem to forget that when they move there are a few more things to do apart from moving your things. Your utility bills need to be redirected along with your newspaper, magazine and other subscriptions. Before the move, you will also have to arrange paperwork for the new schools and preschools. Even the electoral office will need to know your new address, especially if you are moving to a different state.

Moving house is more than just moving your stuff from point A to point B. To avoid unnecessary stress, make sure you do the packing and information acquisition on time. Most of the work will involve cleaning and clearing out but also labelling and arranging everything for the move day. Arrange for transport on time and also be sure to redirect all subscriptions and update all info on your new location. Make the checklist and stick to it, so as to make the process of moving house as easy as possible.