Energy Saving Tips from The Best Commercial Electricians!

Energy Saving Tips from The Best Commercial Electricians!

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If the annual electricity bill ends up in the mailbox, it can sometimes lead to unpleasant surprises. Additional payments of several hundred dollars are not uncommon in Australian households. One of the culprits here is the overly careless use of energy. The consumer can save a lot of money without much effort. There are numerous tips and tricks that many commercial electricians can suggest you to significantly reduce energy. consumption.

Pay Attention to The Energy Label When Shopping

Energy consumption should already be considered when purchasing new electrical devices. For some household appliances, labeling of energy consumption is mandatory. A device should have been classified in class A. This guarantees low consumption.

To save electricity, you should gradually sort out old devices. These often use a lot more energy than new devices. It doesn't have to be a new device - a cheaper, used device is also worthwhile. You can easily buy many of them through classified ads. Every device you own should also meet your needs. The larger the device, the greater the energy requirement is what most commercial electricians preach.

Electrician testing for voltage in a fuse box

Avoid Standby Operation

A multiple plug with switch can help switch standby devices on and off quickly and save many dollars a year.

Devices that are on standby are among the biggest power guzzlers. This is the only way to ensure that the devices that are switched off really do not consume any more energy. If you like it more convenient, you can use a switchable power strip. With one click, the power supply to all devices hanging on the bar can be interrupted. This is particularly worthwhile for televisions and all associated devices.

Do you have a receiver for Internet TV? Better turn it off completely when you don't need it. It is a real power guzzler. Incidentally, an LED TV is more energy-efficient than a plasma screen. Also, keep in mind that flat-panel displays consume significantly less power than older tube monitors. If you reduce the screen brightness of your devices, they can work more economically.

But who is going to advise you all this? Obviously, you have to hire a commercial electrician who holds the expertise to do so!

Live Energy-Conscious

The energy-conscious consumer has many other options for saving electricity. He can ensure that the light in the apartment is only on where it is needed. LED or energy-saving lamps are recommended as light sources. The desk or other workplaces should be set up where they get the most daylight. This not only saves electricity but also demonstrably promotes performance at work.

Instead, use a laptop instead of a PC and only charge the batteries of your electrical devices when they are empty. Your Wi-Fi router is likely to run at night, too, consuming power. Therefore, switch it off when you go to sleep, for example with a timer. To save the battery of your smartphone and other devices and thus keep their energy consumption lower, you should delete unused apps.

When heating and ventilating the rooms, you can also pay attention to a few things. Some commercial electricians say that turning the heater down by one degree can save six percent of the heating bill. It also makes sense to keep the temperatures in the kitchen, hallway and bedroom lower than in the living rooms. When ventilating, you should turn down the heating - even with brief burst ventilation. In certain rooms, such as the hallway or the staircase, a motion detector for the light can be worthwhile.


These tips should help to reduce your electricity bill in the future. With our checklist, you can check the energy efficiency in your home again and adjust accordingly. This may require a few new purchases, e.g. power strips, but you will soon notice the positive effects of these simple changes. So, it's always necessary to bring in a good commercial electrician.