Enchanting Tiny House: Elegant Décor Guide

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Image source: tinyhouseswoon.com

Less is more, or so they say, but not many people would agree that this is the case, at least when it comes to houses. Tiny houses may look charming on the internet. But many would have second thoughts about living in such places. On the one hand, it really is difficult to imagine living in a tiny space. But on the other, there are many people who swear that tiny homes are the best thing that happened to them. If your own home is small and you’re looking for a way to add elegance to it, here’s what you should do.

Design and décor

It’s important to understand that when it comes to tiny houses. Terms ‘designing’ and ‘decorating’ aren’t synonyms. They might be similar but they aren’t the same. And you should try to get the most of both. The design is simple and it pretty much ends when you pick the material you will use for your walls, windows, and doors. Decorating means being able to pick the furniture which will fit in nicely. And not make the place seem even smaller than it actually is. As well as picking the colour of the walls and different storage options. People think that when the house is built they have no choice in decorating anymore. But it’s a mistake – embrace the structure you have and turn it into a home.

Maximize storage space

You will soon realize that you don’t need thousands of square feet in order to function. But you will also understand that you have a lot of things you like keeping around. This is why you should have a lot of available storage space (because you will most certainly use it all). Step one: make sure you have enough shelves! Floor-to-ceiling shelves are great for keeping trinkets, books, plants, as well as memorabilia in view but out of the way. Use multi-purpose furniture that doubles as storage space such as storage ottomans and stacking coffee tables.


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Dream kitchens

You should make peace with the fact that your kitchen will be less than half the size of a standard one. While this may seem like bad news to some, you can use the opportunity to splurge on high-end materials and pieces. You can use marble for your countertops as they’re going to be small. Order custom cabinets (as you’ll probably have problems fitting standard-sized ones inside). And even buy hand-painted tiles and all this will still cost less than it would if you had a standard-sized kitchen.

Elegant bathrooms

Bathrooms are sanctuaries for all of us, and tiny homes don’t always mean that you won’t be able to enjoy your baths. Showers are convenient, but they aren’t exactly elegant. A nice freestanding bath, on the other hand. Will allow you to indulge in bubble baths and it can easily be installed anywhere. The space above the bathroom doors isn’t used, but if you install a simple shelf up there, you can keep your spare towels or cleaning supplies out of sight but within reach. You can also use semi-opaque materials for walls as these allow more light in a windowless room.


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Focus on windows

Windows are what makes all the difference in a tiny space. As they make any room seem bigger and they allow natural light in. Use skylights whenever you can as they will not only make the space appear larger and more open, but they will also aid in air circulation. Still, privacy is important too and that’s why you should have great shades and curtains on all windows. Go for something light, flowy, and colourful that will brighten up the space and perhaps even match the overall décor (curtains that match the couch or throw pillows are always a delight).

As long as you’re ready to improvise and get creative with what you have, you will certainly be able to transform your tiny home into an elegant and luxurious space. As long as you’re organized and adaptable, you will be able to be comfortable in your home, no matter how small it is. Embrace the tiny space and do whatever you can to make it appear bigger, it’s not too difficult when you’re imaginative.

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