Do’s and don’ts for moving into your first apartment

Do’s and don’ts for moving into your first apartment

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Moving out of your family home and into your own apartment can be exciting, but also challenging. Although you’re looking forward to living alone, you’re a bit worried about choosing the best possible apartment, unsure of what to look for and what to avoid. Well, keep reading for some do’s and don’ts for moving into your first apartment.

Do ask for your parents’ or friends’ opinion

The opinion of people with some experience may prove to be very valuable. When you go to your first few apartment viewings, your parents will likely notice some things that you won’t, and point them out to you, so that you know what to look for when you proceed alone. Also, somebody reviewing your lease could be useful. People who have already gone through this experience might prevent you from making serious mistakes.

Don’t rush

Take your time when choosing an apartment. Don’t expect to do it in one day, since taking the first one you see isn’t a good thing. There may be something much better just around the corner, so give yourself enough time to view several apartments before opting for one.

Do save money

You’re moving into your own place and want to be independent. Therefore, not saving money ahead could mean you’ll end up borrowing it, which doesn’t really scream ‘independence’. Before you move, make sure you have at least three or four of your monthly rents saved. That way you’ll have enough money for a deposit, new furniture, or the little things you took for granted at your parents’ house, like can openers, plastic wrap or cleaning supplies.

Do look at your new apartment more than once

Know the layout and measure all the walls, especially if you’re putting up wallpapers. Also, measure the width and height of doors and halls. You don’t want to find out that your furniture can’t fit into your new apartment, or through the hall of your building, once you already have it moved. Furthermore, inspect your apartment. Make sure there are no pests, that the water pressure is good in your kitchen and bathroom, that all your switches and electrical outlets work and that your balcony doesn’t, for example, overview the local cemetery.

Don’t procrastinate

Start packing early. It might not be fun, but if you start packing the nonessentials a few weeks before the move, you’ll have less to do the last few days. This may save you from the stress of moving and forgetting to pack some important things.

Don’t do everything yourself

Getting your friends to help you is the most fun way to move. However, you might also want to consider hiring professionals for the moving part. Also, if the apartment you’re moving into hasn’t been cleaned, the best solution is to have it cleaned thoroughly and pay for the most meticulous rubbish removal in Sydney, rather than dealing with other people’s dirt yourself.

Do pack wisely

Find enough boxes and be sure to have strong duct tape and some magic markers. Pack similar things together, and avoid putting things from different rooms into one box. Label your boxes properly. Write what’s inside them, mark them with one, two or three stars for light, medium and heavy, and tag the boxes containing fragile objects. Use bubble wrap for delicate things, while you can use old newspapers to wrap your other stuff.

Don’t pack what you don’t need

Since you’re probably moving into a smaller place, don’t take things that you never use or don’t need. Give those things away, sell them online or have a yard sale. That way you’ll even be able to save some extra money. Plus, you’ll be grateful for each less box to carry when moving and to unpack at your new apartment.

A final piece of advice would probably be to have fun moving and starting a new life. Don’t be afraid of it. Be excited about the new experiences, new lifestyle and all the amazing new people you’re going to meet in your new neighborhood. Enjoy the ride and may it be a good one!

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Article written by Diane Smith. Diana is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to home decor and latest DIY projects. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.